Buy “Wisdom for Dad” by Hugh Weber (and Me!)

Wis­dom for Dad, Hugh Weber’s lat­est par­ent­ing book, is on sale, and you should buy it today, April 15th. It fea­tures the bite-sized wis­dom of Hugh and a num­ber of other dad, includ­ing myself.

We’re try­ing to get this thing to num­ber one, and to help encour­age you to buy today, Hugh is giv­ing out free eBook ver­sions when you email him your receipt.

How to get the free eBook:

  1. Visit
  2. Pur­chase the book
  3. For­ward your receipt to hugh [at]

That’s it! Hugh will take it from there, and you’ll have Wis­dom for Dad on any dig­i­tal read­ing device you own. This is par­tic­u­larly handy when you’re hav­ing a panic attack and need to read some com­fort­ing words from men who have been there before (and had their own panic attacks).

Help this book get to #1. Buy it today!

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