Crimes of Frustration

I won’t lie to you, I had a bad weekend. I had
to move into a new room, get little sleep (which makes me cranky), and become
“Just Friends” with my now-x-girlfriend.

I didn|t like this weekend. As I drove home, and the sun began to hide
its head, I noticed, subconsciously, the string of pearls coming towards
me, and past me. I realized that everyone had their lights on. People behind
me did, too. Everyone knew that they should have their lights on now, except
me. Did you ever feel that way?

Did you ever feel like everyone else knew what was going on
but you? Like everyone else was at the meeting and you missed it? I have
that feeling often. I feel like everyone else knows what to do, and they
won’t tell me, and I have to just figure it out. It frustrates me. I could
have cried at that moment. Instead, I turned on my lights and kept driving.

What about you? [ ]relate[ ] to me.