Sullen for a Day

Somber was the mood today. Thank you jeff for putting a word to it. Quiet and pensive. I was that way until 430, then I just stopped thinking about her. Poof gone. I mean, I am so over her it is not even funny. Elise who? Exactly.

So, right, I am not thinking about her. And then I spend this whole entry
talking about her. No, stop. Other news in my life (I’m getting serious about this Pita) is that I am the webmaster of Zimm Hall website. I don’t yet have rights to the site (I email Dawn Gaffney about that), but I am positive that it should be a fun little project. Be sure to comment your code, kids!

I love this bold idea. I am going to do that more often.
I was also trying to replace all ” ‘ ” with ” | “, but psfff, like that
worked. I keep typing ” ‘ “‘s instead of ” | “‘s. Old habbits die hard.

I have high hopes – there are quite a few new people who might submit (to my awesome powers of persuasion)
and put something on the site. I, too, will shortly add some |nostalgia|
stuff and maybe some graphic artwork (depending on if I get any scanned.)

Author: Miles Rausch

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