Today I was busy. I had to wake up on time (always a challenge), I had a test in Math (don|t ask), an Essay (rough draft) due in English (went fairly well), Band (Denielle went), created a new form of weed based on crackers (who wants a Krispy?), Student Senate meeting (boring, but long), and play rehearsal (I|m energetic now).

So, now that my day is winding down, I cannot think of what I should do.
There are so many things that I’d like to do that I’m frozen and cannot
act. So, I am going to Carl|s room to watch Star Trek (maybe one day I|ll be into it) and I’m going to have pretzel rods and mountain dew.

Have a great night.

Author: Miles Rausch

I've made a smart playlist of all the songs with 0 plays. I listen to them because I feel bad for them not because I like the music. I'm THAT guy.