The Past

Have you ever seen Magnolia? I saw it last night. Now that’s a good movie. I love movies with creative (albeit crack-driven) directors/writers. Jeff
and I started the movie at around 1100(?) or so and didn’t get done until
230 or so. But it was worth it. I want to see it again (right now, actually) but Jeff left for Sioux Falls. And Hafner left for Sioux Falls. So I’m all alone. Hoooo man.

What to do? I|ve been answering emails, listening to music, chatting off and on, and now I’m doing this. After so long of sitting, I get up and go over to my orange juice and magazine and read for a little bit. Then I walk back.

Now I’m exploring the Magnolia website. Hey. Have any of you ever heard of Ben Brown or Ani Moller? Ben Brown has a show. It’s pretty funny. Jeff and I discovered him while looking for Ellen Feiss iSwitch movies. She’s the |stoned| looking iSwitch flick. Check it out – I’m obsessed with her. I’m not sure what it is…

Author: Miles Rausch

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