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Session Start (AIM – rauschpax:brandbenbrown): Tue Oct 01 14:14:35 2002
rauschpax: Do you know who Ellen Feiss is?
brandbenbrown: yes.
brandbenbrown: I’m linked from the ellen feiss fan site.
rauschpax: You can blame her for “lazydesert7” and “rauschpax.”
rauschpax: It’s that site that led us to you.
brandbenbrown: haha.
brandbenbrown: Lovely.
rauschpax: I really enjoyed your show, by the way. My roommate (I’m in college) thought that I was looking at ManPorn, during your “fat jiggling” sequence.
rauschpax: And he told his mom over the phone.
brandbenbrown: hahah
rauschpax: So – I’ve had some explaining to do.
brandbenbrown: lovely.
brandbenbrown: :)
rauschpax: Yeah, I thought so.
rauschpax: I would like to say, for the record, that Jeff (lazydesert7) and I (Miles) are not usually stalkerish like this.
brandbenbrown: heh
brandbenbrown: Ok.
brandbenbrown: Noted.
rauschpax: There’s not a whole lot to do in South Dakota, so we are kinda obsessed with and
brandbenbrown: Wild.
brandbenbrown: Soon
brandbenbrown: you can be obsessed separetly
brandbenbrown: with
brandbenbrown: and
brandbenbrown: as
brandbenbrown: our merger has been denied.
brandbenbrown: (Link:
rauschpax: I read that. Damn SEC.
brandbenbrown: fucking bastards.
rauschpax: I bet with your web presence, you could shut them down.
rauschpax: A Jihad to your loyal followers.
brandbenbrown: No. that’s alright.
rauschpax: It could be big. How many followers do you have – that you’ve never met in person?
brandbenbrown: Plenty.
brandbenbrown: But no amount of followers is going to save my marriage
rauschpax: Do you want to talk about it, Ben?
brandbenbrown: No, not really
rauschpax: I didn’t think so. But being the caring, sensitive guy I am, I had to offer.
brandbenbrown: I appreciate it
brandbenbrown: I’m actually dealing with it my loading up suicidegirls on my new wap phone thinger
brandbenbrown: heh
rauschpax: As long as your dealing with it.
brandbenbrown: yup
brandbenbrown: heh
rauschpax: Are you at work right now or at home?
brandbenbrown: work
rauschpax: So you LIED on your Ben Brown Show website??? I can’t believe it! I trusted you.
brandbenbrown: Uh
brandbenbrown: That part of my site hasn’t been updated since February
rauschpax: That’s the problem with the internet. I’m always behind. February, huh? Well, … congrats on the job, then.
brandbenbrown: it’s the worst job ever
rauschpax: What do you do?
rauschpax: It can’t be too bad if they let you chat the whole time.
brandbenbrown: haha
brandbenbrown: not the whole time
rauschpax: Is this the editting job?
brandbenbrown: ha. no.
rauschpax: For Uber?
brandbenbrown: I wish.
rauschpax: Is it the “Words Words Words” job?
brandbenbrown: No. Just a job.
brandbenbrown: All that stuff I do in my spare time for no money. ;)
rauschpax: What a guy. You’re my hero.
rauschpax: I bet your job isn’t like my job.
brandbenbrown: I’ll bet it’s worse
rauschpax: For the summer, I worked for my dad. My dad does Cemetery Lettering. That means that when I went out with him, we’d travel for hours to some remote cemetery. We’d set up, and crouch over some guy’s grave, letting little bits of granite pelt us at 100 psi.
rauschpax: For 25 jobs a day.
brandbenbrown: oh god
brandbenbrown: Ok
brandbenbrown: that’s worse
brandbenbrown: but at least weird
brandbenbrown: so you can tell people at parties
brandbenbrown: and they go
brandbenbrown: Whoa.
brandbenbrown: brb
rauschpax: You get gloves and a mask to you don’t eat your eye lenses out, but if you forget long sleeves and pants, and wear a wife-beater and shorts…
brandbenbrown: jeez
rauschpax: So what do you do?
brandbenbrown: I do web stuff for a realestate company
rauschpax: That sounds *yawn* really interesting.
brandbenbrown: yeah
brandbenbrown: worst
brandbenbrown: job
brandbenbrown: ever
rauschpax: I’d like to do “webstuff” one day. What major did you have in college?
brandbenbrown: crative wreating
brandbenbrown: ewl;kjdlkfjs
brandbenbrown: EWHOS
brandbenbrown: salksjdf
brandbenbrown: creative writing
brandbenbrown: jesus
brandbenbrown: misplaced my hands on that one
rauschpax: We don’t have a creative writing major here. We hardly have a class for it.
brandbenbrown: that sucks
brandbenbrown: where are you?
rauschpax: How specific do you want that?
brandbenbrown: what school?
rauschpax: Dakota State University, in Madison, SD.
rauschpax: You know where that is?
brandbenbrown: nope
brandbenbrown: south dakota
brandbenbrown: somewhere up
brandbenbrown: there
brandbenbrown: somwhere
brandbenbrown: heh
rauschpax: Same time zone, 24 hours away.
brandbenbrown: as where?
rauschpax: Austin.
rauschpax: Right? And you’re in Austin, right.
brandbenbrown: oh
rauschpax: ?
brandbenbrown: 24 hours driving?
brandbenbrown: yeah
brandbenbrown: Austin
rauschpax: It was an exaggerationing.
rauschpax: But something like that.
brandbenbrown: yeah
brandbenbrown: its 10 hours to chicago from here
rauschpax: So, I guess 24 was a little off. I’m sorry.
brandbenbrown: YOU BASTARD
rauschpax: Who’s the goose? I’m the goose.
rauschpax: DSU is the “computer” school of South Dakota.
rauschpax: So my major is “Computer Science”
brandbenbrown: that sucks
brandbenbrown: i was a cs major for a hwile
brandbenbrown: ;)
rauschpax: Do you know C++, then?
brandbenbrown: yes
brandbenbrown: and perl
brandbenbrown: and c
brandbenbrown: and php
brandbenbrown: and a vb
brandbenbrown: and js
brandbenbrown: and a bunch of other stupid boring languages
rauschpax: Wow. That’s a lot of languages. Why did you change majors?
brandbenbrown: i hated cs
rauschpax: Why? Not a programmer guy?
rauschpax: See, I love languages. So, I love programming, writing, music, love – all those languages
. brandbenbrown: I’m a programmer
brandbenbrown: I hated being told to do things in a certain way
brandbenbrown: that I thought was wrong
rauschpax: What do you mean?
rauschpax: Am I about to be disillusioned?
brandbenbrown: wha?
rauschpax: What do you mean about the ways being wrong?
brandbenbrown: oh
brandbenbrown: right
brandbenbrown: well
brandbenbrown: I dunno
brandbenbrown: I was making liek $65k a year writing application
brandbenbrown: s
brandbenbrown: and they were telling me that I was programming in the wrong way
brandbenbrown: and I just thought that was bullshit
rauschpax: Did the programs work?
brandbenbrown: Sure.
brandbenbrown: nono
brandbenbrown: I’m just saying
brandbenbrown: their methods
brandbenbrown: were stupid to me
brandbenbrown: because they were going to lead me into jobs where I’d be doing nothing but like
brandbenbrown: patching OS code
brandbenbrown: instead of doing cool shit
brandbenbrown: so
brandbenbrown: I quit
rauschpax: Atta boy. I don’t think I could do that for a living, either.
rauschpax: Applications? Write your own application.
brandbenbrown: I do
brandbenbrown: ok
brandbenbrown: nevermind
rauschpax: See, and you don’t give yourself grief about how you write it, do you? Of course not.
rauschpax: That’d be wierd.
brandbenbrown: I don’t think you understand
brandbenbrown: anyways
brandbenbrown: i gotta work
brandbenbrown: so
brandbenbrown: later!
rauschpax: Bye:ee
Session Close (brandbenbrown): Tue Oct 01 16:42:09 2002

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