600 Gallons

I|ve learned some tough lessons since the last posting.
Here they are in no order other than that them there were picked randomly
by my brain. NOTE: This is so traumatic that I didn’t have time to pick
keywords and bold them or link them, so nothing to click today.

1| A 13 hour LAN party is only as good as the pirated software you have
access to. How did I end my stint there? I was getting a highscore in “SuperCollapse.”
I had fun though. The wierd sort of fun people have at Cross Country Meets.

2| Picking out something to eat at 530 am is like deciding which
finger you love most: nearly impossible. Bryce sat out in the car for the
better part of 15 minutes while I finally settled for two $.50 bags of peanuts
and some teriyaki jerkey.

3| Some girls hit hard. And some of them are sadistic enough to
challenge you to a “Hit Me” contest. Sorry, I don|t beat up 15 yearold girls
who go by “Lovi.” That|s “Love-E.” Her full name is Lovisa Joy Lamm. Yeah,
I|m not joking.

4| I learned that some people live farther away than they should.
These people you only see once in a long time. Eventually, though, they
call you and it shocks the hell out of you.

5| I learned that Ben Brown is quite popular with the guys, but
he sure isn|t no chick magnet. Two out of two girls agree that his chops
(and manfat) are a turn off, and, by association, everyone who worships him
is a loser. Oooo, strike out.

6| I learned that a Cavalier can make it to Brookings, (hell, to
my house), on 3 cyllinders, but it should go no further than from WalMart
to the service shop on only 2.

7| I learned that a DVD box may have english all over the stupid
box, but it takes a trained eye to spy the little box that says “In French
With English Subtitles.” But I learned that reading a movie and glancing
up quickly is almost as satisfying as knowing the language.

8| I learned that sometimes, in this dorm, you simply become involved
in a dispute, despite your desire or disdain. I|m not quite involved, yet,
but I may be. Hey – I was just watching a movie… in French.

9| I learned that finding 10 things to come up with (that mirror
the somewhat bad weekend I had) is a little on the difficult side. On the
other hand, I have one left.

10| I learned how much a phone call means to an older generation.
I learned that grandparents think about us a lot more than we think that
they do or should. I|ll try to use this knowledge.

So, there you go – I mentioned the LAN party, the food dilemma, Lovi,
Alicia|s call, ben brown, the car problem, Amelie, the |situation|, this
blog, and my Grandpa|s angioplasty.

Next time – what happened on the way to band!