Time Management

No school today. How great is that. I’ve never heard a better set of words slung together than “school” + “today” + “no.” Choose whatever order you want, it translates beautifully into any language.

So, you might (but probably won’t) ask, what did Miles do today? Let’s explore this experiment in Time Management.

[11:00 am] Wake up.

This proved to be more difficult than some may think – I didn’t go to bed until 5:30 am. So, it is only by God’s hand that I was able to wake at this hour. I lept from my bed to the stool, fell off, and landed face first into the dark green, stained, carpet. For some reason, the carpet smelled of tangerines.

[12:30 pm] Finish shower.

I love showers. I do. So much more than, say, torture. Or even lesser painful things like biology. Or even good things like pizza and soda – together. So, I try to draw out my bathing for as long as bloody possible. It gives me time to think, dream, sing, sleep alittle more, and to explore my body.


Did I say that outloud?

[12:45 pm] Eat.

Food. I had Ramen Noodles: Shrimp. Exciting huh?

[1:30 pm] Homework.

I pulled out my math homework. He assigns us problems every day in class, and we have four days of class a week, but I’ve been … floating those on down the responsility barge toward the tree cutter of “Oh-Shoot-It-s-Test-Day” … I guess, and I decided to see what I had to do: x = 2.

[1:35 pm] Distractions.

My screensaver came on. It has a lot of flashing lights and colors. I can’t look away.

[2:30 pm] More distractions.

Mandy (some girl downstairs who thinks we know each other) wanted me to help her with Trillian. It turns out that her computer is actually an Etch-A-Sketch, and they don’t have Trillian for that operating system. While I was down there, this very distrubing witch movie came on HBO, with a boy who becomes a talking mouse and they wear masks and have all sorts of different and fun accents.

[4:30 pm] Back upstairs.

Well, I came back to what I was doing before – oh, right. The screen saver.

[5:10 pm] Food.

I ate again. This time – Trojan Center food. Well, okay. It wasn’t food, and I didn’t finish it.

[6:30 pm] The Way Down.

I’m in two plays. We practice at 7:30 pm. So, since I had to have 2/3 of the play memorized by now, I figured I should see how far along I could get. Lordy Lordy, let me tell you. Adam doesn’t do that well for a girl. No offense, Adam, but I’d rather someone from Second Floor did that part instead. He kept putting his hand on my knee. Then would nuzzle up to me like a cat. A little freaky.

[7:45 pm] The Way ?

I could not find Holly (my co-star) and Sue (my director) anywhere. Did they disappear? I spent all that time enduring Adam’s advances for nothing?! He’s not even that good of a kisser.

[8:00 pm] Website.

Have you ever been to the Zimmermann Hall website? Yeah, neither have I. If you’re like me, then you just learned that Zimmermann had a website at the Hall Council meeting where you were elected Webmaster of it. But not a whole lot of you are like me. So, I decided to work on the page and man do I hate FrontPage. It just … MAN DO I HATE FRONTPAGE. It’s ONE WORD! Like we don’t have enough “one-word-with-second-or-third-meta-words-capitalized”‘s! I mean, c’mon. It couldn’t be “Microsoft Webs”? Ok, maybe not, but I do hate that FrontPage is the only program I can use to do the Zimmermann Site.

[11:00 pm] Erin’s Visit.

Erin, Adam’s sister, came up to have Adam do her Visual Basic homework. While she was sitting here she says, “Man, I want this to be done! It’s not like I don’t have a paper to right. Of course, I’ve had about 3 weeks to do it.” My curiousity piqued at the obvious misuse of “right” for “write”, and I asked her, “What’s the paper about?”

“It’s about Time Management”

I think Erin just proved a very good point. Homework sucks.

[12:20 am] Post.

I decided to post this long, probably unfunny, …. thing onto my website. It maybe the one thing I do all day.
Oh, wait – that’s right. I also figured something else out.

x = 2

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