Girls Are Evil 2

You know you’ve gotten too far when you see signs for Sioux Falls. Today, I drove right past my exit. I got a little worried when I saw billboards for Dell Rapids, and then I got very nervous when I saw “Sioux Falls 10 Miles.” I mean, I love seeing my name in white, but this meant that I was far far away from home. So, I turned around.

“This is great,” I thought. Just another way to top off my weekend. If you noticed a distinct change in my mood today, and you wouldn’t unless you showed up before play practice, it was because this weekend I confronted my mystery girl.

I could give you her name, but what does it matter – she’s gone. I have a bad feeling from the beginning, but my intuitions were confirmed. She didn’t quite say no. Girls don’t say no to me. If I even get to the part where I can ask her out, then she says yes. But usually, I get almost to that part, and the girl in question wigs out. She starts to feel bad because she knows she has to say “No”, but she doesn’t want to hurt my feelings because I’m a “nice guy,” but she just doesn’t think of me “like that.”

This post will not be very humorous.


What is it about me that makes girls cry when I ask them out? How does that work? When I ask a girl out, she either really likes me, and says “yes” right away and we’re quite happy for a spell, or she breaks down and I get the “I don’t want to lose you as a friend” speech. So, now I have to decide if “love” is overrated or “friendship” is overrated. And where is the line? How does one tell?

That’s what gets guys messed up. How are we supposed to know when you bloody girls are ready for more than friends? How are we supposed to know if you’re being serious or if you’re not? I can’t read minds. I tried. We sat around in seventh grade and tried to send each other shapes when we didn’t have band, and the results were less than average. I can’t recieve or send messages via ESP, so why do you keep trying to get them out that way? If girls weren’t so sure that they have to hide their traces, we wouldn’t have this problem. If the female gender wasn’t so bloody paranoid, we’d all be happier.

Lighten up, female gender

Geez. Quit trying to knab guys. Or if you aren’t, start doing it. Or if you don’t really care for guys, then you shouldn’t be taking advice from me. Wanna know a secret about guys? It’s never that complicated. The answer for a guy is always simple. If you think she likes you, then you’re gonna find out you’re right. That or she liked you and changed her mind. We don’t dwell.

Stop dwelling, female gender

Things were simple once. Maybe it’s that I’m not a “guy” but nothing gives me more ulcers than girls. So many signals. Maybe it’s that I’m sensitive to the signals, and that I misread a lot anyway, but it makes life pretty damn complicated. And I can’t even get my ASM to work properly, so, God knows, why my screen flashed grey lines. It supposed to be a solid color!! Ok, I’m getting off topic. In fact, I’m ranting.

I’ll stop.

So, yeah, I got turned down. Then, on Saturday night, a friend from Sioux Falls (she’s an xray technical engineer… kinda) was on MSN, and we chatted, and she came over at 900. So, Alicia (the girl), Bryce (my bro), Lindsey (Bryce’s g/f), and me (single still) all watched the Lion King. That’s actually a good movie, even as old as it is.

So, the weekend wasn’t all bad. Alicia’s cool. But, yeah.

Girls are Evil : Part 2

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  1. Hey, best of luck on the ‘situation’. Girls truly are the devil reincarnated. If you find an angel, they’re few and far between.

    You don’t know how many nights I’ve laid awake looking for answers from signals that I’ve received. At one point I was told by one ‘devil’ that I didn’t look into things enough, but yet, the next one said I looked into things too much. I wish it were much simpler. Perhaps the IEEE could setup a standard so we’d all be on the same wave length. Maybe we could call it “IEEE 2002, The standard of analyzing things”. Pardon my rambling

    But I think I can speak for most of the males in the world and say “We feel for ya brother!”.


  2. I apologize on behalf of my gender. But thats just the way we are.
    I feel pretty evil right now, and this just made me feel….…
    Don’t cry!

  3. This girl… Maybe she’s a little afraid, and maybe she’s not quite gone. Give her some time, her feelings are just a bit confused right now. You didn’t exactly get turned down as you recall, because at the time you asked, things were different (there were “other” people involved). But, I am just an innocent bystander, so maybe I see things a little differently.

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