I Wrote This In Math

Spoken In The Cold

by Miles Rausch

“I choose white” – bright like starlight,
But pure chrystallite on its space-wise flight.
So, dot dot dot, here’s fallen snow –
“All dressed up with no place to go.”

Blanc, like a bride, blushing with cold,
Made frozen and bitter with no one to hold.
She closes her eyes, but try as she hides
She can’t force back feelings. Her loneliness sighs.

This winter she’s gone out, spaced apart – tossed about,
Launched into the air, floating haphazard routes.
She lands upon earth, hard, sans sun’s mirth,
And lays there forever as snow without worth.

4 Replies to “I Wrote This In Math”

  1. I happen to be very fond of snow, not quite so much as say air, or clean socks but i find it very good none the less, so back off poem boy.

    I did, however, really enjoy the first stanza.

    You might consider adding a preview post option to make sure messages don’t go unsigned ect.

  2. I had a preview button on, but I took it off. Maybe I’ll put it back on. I’ll ask Jeff how to do that – because I haven’t any idea. I mean, who previews anyway?

    I should also get those darnéd Emoticons on here that has. (giggle)

  3. I think getting a preview button is a waste of time. i don’t think anyone beside tweidle would use it..
    just proof read the text box.. :\

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