Welcome to Happy Land

Does anyone really relate my titles to my posts? I could post something completly random, and often I do, and no one would catch it. Like this time.

Okay, we have
1 new poem by Emotional Evolution
2 new authors.
Luke Sudenga has a prose piece I have entitled “Musings” because I wasn’t sure what title he wanted.
Hesh is our other new artist. This author has submitted 3 haikus for your pleasure. Please read them!

It’s people like this that help keep my site going. :)

Thanks, Guys

¿@Good Samaritan or Deviant [email protected]?

6 Replies to “Welcome to Happy Land”

  1. Recently my world has stopped rotating, my world has stopped moving and plummeted through the dark unknown universe with no light to guide it. Where is my worold going? Where will it end up? Will it return back to it’s happy spot just a hop skip and jump away from the brightest warmest star known to man? Or will the earth just continue traveling until it is forgotten and lost forever? Dear God I pray it finds the light it’s so desperately searching for.

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