Big News

Jeff and I broke up tonight.

I think I’m going to be okay, though. Thanks.

But we’re still friends. He gave me back my copy of Gone With the Wind and he also gave back unto me my “Hoes ‘n Pimps” mix tape. I gave him back his Letterman’s jacket and class ring. But Jeff still has one thing of mine: my heart.

Oh cruel fate! What’s the deal?

Maybe one day our love will again spray forth like the tangerine scent that spouts from my Tangerine Ginger Potpourri air freshener.

Plus, Jeff does drugs.

And this is not just a way to make up for missing a post day.

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9 Replies to “Big News”

  1. Dang Jim
    thats just a great post
    i do like
    very funny
    specially the pic of him when he lookes stoned
    very good
    i am also happy you broke up

    P.S. Awayken…..
    i absolutly loved your story you sent to
    very great
    i cracked up for a very long time
    i actually read it several times
    and i really dont like to read
    very coo man

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