There Is No Sex or Violence In This Post

My monday sucked. Tuesday ended horribly. Wednesday was sad. Thursday isn’t over.

Once again, walk with my as I recount my day (from this Thursday night’s perspective) in chronologically forted stylistics.




I woke up at 1015, and I was pissed. I have nothing against 1015, except that it makes me fifeteen minutes late for Assembly Language. That class seems to be my biggest problem with this semester. And that’s only because I keep missing it.

Bad start. I didn’t feel good. I spent all of Sunday night, and an obscene amount of Monday morning doing homework. Assembly language, actually. Oh, right, and I was studying for a Math test. Just the thing I wanted to do.

I felt like crying. In fact, I did all day. My eyes burned, I couldn’t look up, and I felt like dying. So. I made a decision.

I walked to Assembly with my printed assignment, and I then wrote Tom a note. I spelled out how bad my day was (already) and how I had worked and worked on the program, and was sure that it worked, just not sure why it didn’t for me. I would later figure out that the problem was NOT my program, but other elements in the equation.

I walked around head down to get something quick to eat, then I came back up to the room, showered, ate, and studied for Math. I decided now would be a good time to start reading up for my essay rough draft, which was technically due on Monday (that day) but was not expected until Wednesday (for all intensive purposes.)

So, I trotted off the Math. I was on time this day (I’m usually late), but why, I asked myself? I took the test, which was not as bad as it could have been, and I got to leave early, which was not as good as it could have been. I had fifteen minutes before my next class. Where did I go? I went to that bathroom on the second floor of East Hall (the one I talked about in that “relativity” post) and I just stood there. Coat, bag, all, again. I just stood there and waited. I hated this day.

I went to my class, where I played Bejeweled the whole time, kept my head down, and urged the day along. The rest of it played well. No large speed bumps. Most people did note my unusually depressed self, but I told them that I would be better later, not sure if I would.

Then the play. You can’t act when you’re depressed. I had to cheer up, and so I did on the way up. I was still dampered, but I was in a good condition to perform. And so I did. I said the same lines I have so many times; I made all the guestures I’ve made time and time again; and I acted as I know how to do.

Guess who was there? Alicia. So, after those dumb pictures (“Miles, you can only take three pictures, Miles. Miles!”) I took Alicia back to my place and me … uh… talked to Adam. She wrote on my wipeoff board, signed the loft, and then (after some confusion) we walked out to her car, where we … uh… came back in the building. She hadn’t met Jeff!

So, we went up to Jeff’s room where we …uh… talked to Jeff. We talked music and stuff, and then Alicia swore (which shocked me) and then she swore some more. It was crazy. Finally I walked her to her car. We said goodbye, and she drove off.

Well, everyone who met her (and some people, like Adam, who had already met her) were asking who that hottt chick was that I was showing around. And then Adam says, “Hey Miles. Why don’t you tap that?” And to tell you the truth, I don’t have a good reason.

It makes me wonder…

Then I did homework until 330 am.


I woke up way before my first class. I felt a lot better. Sleep does much to your outlook on things. It tends to brighten mine. I attacked the day with vigor.

I don’t remember what happened during the day.

Then the play happened, and we got the worst audience ever. Ugh they make me so mad! (for you, Jamie) But seriously, the only good thing to come out of it was that I became part of a three person … person named “Rethleb” which involves Me, Heather, and Rob. We are three equal persons (not unlike the trinity) though we don’t have any special powers (like the trinity) and Rob gets TWO letters of the name, which isn’t at all fair.

I then went home and worked on homework until 330 am again.


I made it to ASM today! Hoooo man was I stoked! Then I made it to all my other classes! Not much happened today. At least, not much comes to mind. The final night of the play.

We had the play, and we had the best audience ever. I couldn’t believe it. They laughed at everything. I had to bounce for practially 20 minutes to make space for the laugh lines. It was great. This energy was surging through me. I LOVE THAT FEELING. That’s why I act. When the script, actor, and audience all come together. Both skits garnered piles of laughs, which I hope to trade in for a cool pen flashlight. No, not really.

They don’t have those anymore. I’ll get a green Alien eraser.

I got a number of compliments from people saying that they thought my skit was the funniest and that I was the “best actor up there.” I’m serious! I don’t know what to say to that. What do you say? I say, “Well, thank you” and try to bear the awkward silence. I would normally have a witty saying to it, but I can’t think of anything. These people just rob me. I would love to say back to them something corney like, “Well, you know, it was the synergy of the whole group. I got to work with some really talented and funny people and it’s an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life” but they’re usually gone by then.

Alas. The day ended on a sad note. As Jamie gave me a ride home, I reflected. This play marks the end of a lot of things. Some of these people I am never going to see again. Jamie, Heather, Amanda. It makes me sad. I like these people! Others, I might see but never get a chance to hang out with. How is THAT fair? You spend so much time with these people, that they become a family.

I didn’t cry, but I felt meloncholy. I hoped, deep down, that I was just being dramatic.


Almost up to speed. Today went well. I went to SAD, and everyone else in the group showed up, too. Wonderful.

Mike had this program on his VIAO (is that right??) where you basically run this skier into things because it’s funny and he’s violently thrown about. Kinda like another program I discovered today: Porrasturvat. It was written in ASM, which is cool and at the same time depressing, and you basically throw a guy down a flight of steps.

There is this badly conceived and convoluted story about WHY you do this, but it doesn’t hold up. It’s funny (in a sick way) to watch his body fly down the steps. OH, and you get points for this.

I had a Flash final, which I didn’t get all the way finished with. Oh well. I’m hoping the cool things I tried to get done shine over the simple things he asked for and that I couldn’t complete. I tried.

Before that, however, Jeff and I went to see Bob (Jackson) who had a copy of my snow speech (finally!) and also has his “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” poster hidden behind his door for fear of ridicule. At least that’s what he told us. We had a nice chat before going to Flash.

After flash, I had a SAD meeting in Val’s room. We got a lot done, but I got nothing done. I was shelled out. Useless and space absorbing.

When I got back, I went down to return Mandy’s nail polish that I borrowed. No one was in their room, so I gave it to Erin to give to Mandy. Then Erin and I talked for a very long time. It was a nice chat. I enjoyed it.

Then I went to the Drama Club meeting. Actually, I was late. Actually, they cancelled the meeting but we hung out until 815 (officially the meeting cancellation time), but Bob (Davison) and I talked until 930. Then I came here.

And I worked on some stuff before settling down to write this. So this is all I’m going to type so that Jill can go to bed.

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  1. It wasn’t a week. It was less than that. I’ll try not to do it again, though.

    Does that suit you better?

    And, you all are really suckers.

  2. Well, for NAME, I will say that typing is easy but it’s hard if you don’t have anything to say.

    I’ve run into that.

    Collin, Collin, Collin. You sure like to antagonize my fan base, don’t you.

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