En Terra Saunt Tay

I want to be interesting. Jill said that I’m interesting already, but I must not be interesting enough. The way I figured it, girls flock over interesting guys, and no one’s flocking over me.

I guess Jeff had the same ideal, because he said, “You know, the chicks really dig interesting guys. Brad Pitt is interesting, and so is Einstein, and they are both famous and both get the chicks.” I thought about correcting Jeff, and telling him that Einstein wasn’t that famous, but I didn’t. I decided to figure out what makes someone interesting.

If we analyze Brad Pitt and Arnold Einstein, and if we consider them interesting, then we learn this about interesting people:

  1. They are thin (or muscular)
  2. They can act
  3. They develop mathematical theories
  4. They’ve never heard of Bryce Rausch (there, you’re in my post – quit annoying me)
  5. They know interesting people
  6. They may (or may not) have a personal webpage
  7. They do interesting things

That’s it. Really. Just seven things. I feel so enlightened, though. And you can replace the names “Brad Pitt” and “Albert Einstein” with any names of interesting people. You can also replace the name “Bryce Rausch” with any name of an annoying person, or even your own brother.

The point is that Jeff and I decided we had to do something. Interesting people who are less famous usually have interesting websites. These websites mirror their lives. My site is okay, but in order to be an interesting person, you have to have pictures of your interesting life. Otherwise, how will people know it was you doing those interesting things? And I can’t put pictures on this site; it’s getting old! Exactly!

For this reason, a new site will shortly come into existance. We will call this “Guyswithlives.com” (we’re even going to buy the domain) and we’re planning on having more than one author. Thus, more than one guy with an interesting life. Therefore, guys with lives. Get it? Not just “Lazydesert” and not just “Awayken.” It would be “LazyAwaykenDesert.netcom/” or “guyswithlives.com”. Do you see where I’m going with this?

To continue my research, I figured out that these same people (who I’m studying) are also partly interesting because of what they say. They have interesting words. These words perk your … interest. They make you sit up and say, “Waaaa?” (which isn’t an interesting word by the way). They use words like “Sex” and “Free” which usually make people listen.

Other words are:

  • Culture
  • Biohazard
  • Zoolander
  • Satan
  • Plethora
  • Awayken
  • Lazydesert
  • Collin
  • Not Collin


  • Culture

and, also,

  • Fingers (thanks Jeff)

So, I plan on using these words a lot more Satan. Hopefully some Awayken chicks will notice my Not Collin and decide to Culture with me.

Fingers Fingers, Zoolander!

By they way, good luck to everyone taking tests today. I hope you all Collin it. Plethora face :)

16 Replies to “En Terra Saunt Tay”

  1. lol
    great post
    specially how you figured lazydesert.net into awayken.com and got guyswithlives.com
    dont you have all the brad pit qwalities anyway
    mabey you cant act
    i donno…. mabey you can
    you must not have anything to worry about
    good luck with the women

  2. Does Alan think that I’m you?

    I think he’s still confused. My name is Miles. Awayken = Miles. Lazydesert = Jeff. Miles != Jeff (anymore ;) )

    I hope this helps.

  3. no no no,
    ive got it strait
    i knew you were miles all along
    i know jeff cant act ;)
    but i donno if you (miles) can or not
    can you? :)
    cause ya know….., if you can you could completly be brad pitt
    but i guess you know bryce
    so your screwed there
    guess it really donsnt matter if you can act or not
    feelin for ya man

  4. I can act, but, yeah, Bryce cancels that out. And I work hard on my acting, so that kinda pisses me off.

    I just wanted to make sure that you know that I’m not Jeff.

    Cause I’m not.

    I’m Miles.

  5. This was a great post however, it’s not that your not interesting it’s just the fact that you are too quiet and reserved or your to involved with other things to really notice that girls actually are paying attetion to you.

  6. no no,
    you don’t get it :P
    there arent any girls around to pay attention to us :\
    i’m involved in nothing :P so i can focus on gals.

  7. Miles you are as interesing as it comes(you too, Jeff, even though i dont know you that well…) You’re like a combination between Brad Pitt(a great actor) and Albert Einstein (a brilliant mind). You shouldn’t be worried about living up to what girls may think…’cause every girl looks for different qualities..same goes to you too, Jeff. Just don’t be in such a rush to find “that girl” when you meet her you will know…for now just live life and have fun (which i know you guys do anyway)!!!

  8. Miles and Jeffrey:
    Don’t worry about women you have computers. Super Computers!
    That’s better than a woman any day…except on Valentine’s Day where you’re stuck looking at Valentine E-Cards by cousins or hot girls with boyfriends already.

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