I Had a Long Weekend

So long that I can’t possibly type it all. I started to write an outline and it got so long that the weight of turning it into a full blown post depressed me to tears.

So, here are the highlights.

Dan came up for the LAN Party (LAN pahr-tee) all the way from the School of Mines in Rapid City (that’s a long cuckfurking way).

Alan, Jeff’s friend, came up from … somewhere and ended up at the LAN Party, too. Turns out that Alan knew who I was the whole time. I used to give him a bad time in the comments because it seemed to me that he thought I was Jeff. I am not Jeff.

I am Miles.

So we all had the LAN party. It was a lot of Dan rebooting, Alan getting fragged unmercifully, and people telling me that my Counter-Strike looks like a slideshow (but it’s a hella nice fast slideshow, guys). Then disaster struck. Novelization time.

Bryce and I were involved in a game of Unreal Tournament 2003 (UT2003) and Dan was playing Dungeon Siege by himself ( :( ) again. Bryce was saying, “You’d better not let me catch you, Miles, or I’m gonna kill you. You’d better hope that you find me first,” as I eyed him through my scope. Dan saved a villiage or something.

Alan and Jeff were getting ready to leave, and, since they were our rides, we felt that we should waste as much time before getting up to leave like they were. Jeff was wrapping up his mouse and Alan was unplugging hit tower. All of a sudden…

… disaster …

… three screens go black at the same instant, fans stop turning, and above all was heard a click. We all four stood/sat there in a stunned silence. Slowly, what had happened registered on the faces of the victims. Then it registered on Alan’s. He started to stammer, and all he could say was “Oh, man… oh, oh man…”. Alan had turned off our computers.

Dan started to cry, his tears coming fast and hot on his keyboard. Bryce started to swear very violently and almost strangled Alan, who was close to tears himself. I simply shrugged and turned off my monitor.

We waited for Bryce to calm down, and for Dan to quit being such a girl. Then Alan started to say, “Dammit, I am so so sorry, guys. I had no idea… it just clicked and I couldn’t figure out what happened, I am so sorry…” over and over again. Finally, we decided it was time to go. The other kid in the three person UT2003 game we had going says, “Are you guys going?” I guess he didn’t realize that our characters hadn’t moved for five minutes.

“Yeah, we’re gonna head, I think…”

That was a supreme, super condensed version of what I was GOING to post. In the interest of my sanity, we’ll move on to Saturday.

As it turns out, waking up at 100pm was harder to realize than we thought. And as it turns out, we overshot by about 2 hours. We didn’t shower. Jeff and Alan were hungry, so we just zipped off to the The China Moon like we do every Saturday. It was quiet, then we remembered.

Poor Alan. We were relentless. I tried to let up on him, because I’d like him to visit again sometime. Then we got back to the dorm, and finally Dan, Bryce, and I took off for Sioux Falls.

We went to the Century Theatre to see the new Bond flick. We met Ryan Guse (Bryce and Dan’s friend), Todd (Guse’s roommate) and Alicia (who I didn’t know was going to be there.) We all sat down in the theatre. I was between Alicia and Guse. It was nice.

The movie was another matter.

I thought a lot of the action sequences seemed fake or cheesy. I thought the punch lines were mostly bad innuendos that got very tiring. Lots of cool cars, lots of hot babes, but little to make this a buy. I thought it was a decent action movie, but a horrible Bond movie. Maybe I missed the point, but I didn’t like the movie much.

After the movie we went to KFC and had some food. I had very very little money so I only bought a Mountain Dew (which I haven’t had for a while), but Alicia made me eat some of her potato wedges. We had extensive conversation at the restaurant. Guse even had a good comeback (his 12th, I believe) and it consisted of saying, “Firewall” and putting his hand between me and his face.

To his credit, I had nothing against that. I had a really really bad router thing that back fired, and so I just sat embarassed. Then they closed down KFC on us and we were forced out into the cold.

So, we went to Alicia’s apartment to watch Zoolander (again) and to get a quick tour. Then we said our tearful goodbyes and sped off to home. We got back late (again) and stayed up later (again) and finally went to bed in time for church on Sunday. I thought mass was at 1030, but it was at 1000.


Sunday passed most uneventfully. Dan left, and took Bryce with him, shortly after mass, and I organized my room. I tried homework, and I only partly succeeded. So, I went to bed.

On Monday, sometime, I found out that Collin has a webcam (!) Can you believe it!? Here are some ads he made for me. Just click : [ this ] and [ this ]. Those are links by the way (Erin).

I think that something like the Collin Show would be the greatest/worst thing to hit the net. There are some people you should never give cameras to. Like :ponder:, for instance.

Anyway, now I’m having a mock fight with Missa about what he said/I said/did/wanted to do when we were mock dating. It’s confusing and it’s making me very angry.

¿@CollinCam1 or [email protected]?

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  1. he’s only mad b/c i got over him quicker than he got over me. he just can’t live w/ the fact that he was dating the most gorgeous girl on earth and now he lost her. (i broke up with him)

  2. couple things today bro:
    1. glad I know where to get decent chinese next time I got a jones and I’m in Madison SD. :S
    2. Your new motion faces are WAY too much fun. :puke: :w00t:
    3. anyway
    4. :rolleyes: okay no, that was it, nothing else to comment for today. hope your thanksgiving wasna nearly as good without me.
    [insert :peace out: smiley here]

  3. Ayelet: Sleep and Death, huh? Sounds like … death? Really? Wow.

    You need a :hug:

    Bren: My Thanksgiving sucked without you. It was quite the anguish Prometheus felt, I’m sure. I need a :hug:

    :hug: for everyone. :hug: :hug: :)

    Maybe too much . . . :shocked:

    ~ :ghost:

  4. i need a hug….and some anti-stress medication…or maybe miles does…
    all i know is, it’s very hard to be a facist in this day and age….
    i hope this made no sense to anyone but miles because if it did…then maybe you need some medication too… :ponder:

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