I Shouldn|t Have To Post About This

I guess it never occured to me. I guess I never questioned it. I had an entire Vacation and didn’t even think about it.

My turkey day was nominal. My family (my mother’s side [except for the baby of the family, Tim]) came up to our house this year. In between poking fun at relatives, eating, and simply hanging out, I was trying my best to get an Assembly Language project done. Dave (my partner ;) ) and I are nearly done, and it’s due on Wednesday. We have many many thoughts on what to do for our presentation (to ensure our ‘A’) but we’ll see what we come up with.

So, like I said, I never thought of it. This weekend I had also tried to watch EVERY 24 episode in Season One. It didn’t work, but I’m up to 500pm now. Big smiley face. So, in the midst of all this Jack “You’re Just Gonna Have to Trust Me” Beuer action, I was chatting with Plasma, someone who will soon be sporting poetry on this site, but which I haven’t gotten a chance to put up yet.

As I chatted with Plasma, he was commenting on a certain post I made. It was called “Big News” and it talked about Jeff and I breaking up after dating for a day.

To cut to the chase, Plasma wasn’t so sure if I was a guy.

… what ? …

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking? Is it unclear somewhere just what sex I am? I’m all for the ambiguous and androgynous, but I am no girl. I figured the “Girls Are Evil” post, where I talk about trying to ask this girl out, was pretty to the point (unless, upon assuming that I was a girl, you assume that I am also a lesbian).

To quell rumours before they spread like wildflowers and, everyone on the internet starts to assume that I am female, I have decided to unmuddy the waters.

I am a guy, man, muchacho, a brother, amigo, male (maybe even alpha), actor (not -tress), programmer (not -ess), &c. Want proof (and some of you who know me want proof)? Well, here is some : [ my msn profile ] and here, too : [ hair ] and here : [ bottles ].

There. I hope I made my point. I love women and their females parts, of which, I think of as a man would think of them. I have male parts and being a man I think of them only as a man thinks of other male parts of other men. And himself, male man parts to others, think. And females … the females. Always with the females and the glavin.

To the other people who haven’t met me physically yet (uh… just Ayelet, I guess) I hope this heads off any sort of confusion you may ever have.

¿@Male or [email protected]?

Author: Miles Rausch

I've made a smart playlist of all the songs with 0 plays. I listen to them because I feel bad for them not because I like the music. I'm THAT guy.

14 thoughts on “I Shouldn|t Have To Post About This”

  1. Hey miles
    i just realised that you always post white
    or that white brownish
    so that your bouncing ghost
    doesnt look like bouncing manure
    heh heh
    i think its funny

  2. Very perceptive Alan. I’ve always tried to run an “anti-bouncing manure” website.

    This is just a stepping stone to greater things.

    ~ :ghost:

  3. yet another practically manure-free day passes with only one revelation:
    Miles is one of my BOY cousins.

    glad you had a productive weekend. :rolleyes:

  4. :praying:
    There’s two more dead in texas and it’s probly your girls.
    Sorry I wish I were smart enough to figure it out for myself.
    I can’t… talk to girls so i am glad you turned int a guy.


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