You know what that is up there? No you don’t.

I am writing this post because I haven’t slept for close to 24 hours and plan on skipping band to sleep this afternoon. I hope that my grammar and spelling do not suffer, but they will. Like all of you will.

I have an assembly project due. Guess what? I uploaded it to this stupid website and you can download it. Make sure you put all the files in the same folder. If you run it and wierd things happen, then don’t worry. It’s just that you have a gay computer.

Get a new computer and try again. That link is right [ here ].

There is a new author by the name of “plasma” with two poems.
brenna submitted four more poems and one new prose piece. Check them out! They are hella cool!

Why else am I up so late? Well, I had a lot to add for other authors. A lot considering the usual stagnation. And I also haven’t updated the [ Zimmermann Site ] in a while and I figured I’d do that. I also have a stupid Calc test. It’s gotten me quite by surprise, but I feel like I could do anything tonight. After figuring that project out, I’m ready to take on the world… Hardcore!

I think right now I am going to reboot my computer, watch an episode of 24, do some math related musings, and possibly a couple hits of [ acid ].

Oh man – it has snowed.

i hate snow

¿@Sleep or [email protected]?

8 Replies to “AVSEQ01.DAT”

  1. Well, for one, that damn game is harder than it looks. That ball shows no mercy.

    No like those fancy pong games of nowadays, what with your FLASH and your DREAMWEAVER and your WHATNOT.

    So, MY high score is 1581. Not quite up to Plasma’s mind blowingness. I should write in a cheat code…

    Who else got high scores?

    ~ :ghost:

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