I Remember Thinking…

This isn’t really a post, but I wanted to get something out here so that you people don’t think that I gave up websites.

“Webpages? Those are for dorks!”

No, what I did instead is decided to devote myself to my studies. So, I have little things to share with you. For one, there is [ this ].

This is a pretty cool [ pic ]. I’m also experimenting with Media Player 9. Jeff had it a while back and I’ve decided to give it a spin. ( + ) is that it minimizes to the task bar. ( – ) is that it doesn’t take control, so when I hit “Pause” it starts Winamp. geez.

Secondly, here is a humourous story. I have several email filters that put emails with key words into a special folder. I check that folder first, skim the subject lines, the authors and decide whether to keep it.

Then I hit select all, and I uncheck any emails that I wish to keep. The remaining selected emails I delete. Then I select all again and I send those to the inbox.

Well, today, I checked my “Forwardz” folder, and I skimmed. Oooo, two emails to keep. I selected all, unchecked the two emails, the hit “Send to Inbox.”

oh holy mother of pearl why why me hoeahhh

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Because suddenly all I had was those two emails. And I had a funny feeling that the rest weren’t in the trash. Now I’m afraid to see my inbox.

Sometimes I hate email.

just sometimes.

¿@I hate you or I forgive [email protected]?

4 Replies to “I Remember Thinking…”

  1. hahahaha
    the email thing
    haha thats great
    well.. i spose your not so happy about it
    but ya know…… from my prospective
    its pretty funny
    well i feel for ya man :D
    and yea no kiddin
    its been forever sence an update on the site
    i expect better miles gease ;)
    heh heh
    well good luck with all the school… and all

  2. sucks about your inbox… hopefully such woes won’t keep you from yours truly… tee hee… and good luck on that whole sanity thing, seems to have lost its tenuous grip on you when the sleep is lacking…. ;)

  3. “…so are you going to that funeral”
    “you already asked me that twice”
    “oh. Sorry. Too many late late nights”

  4. Why don’t you guys tell me how you really feel.

    Hey, are you going to have an intervention, because if you are, let me know so I can rent some videos and buy some soda pop.

    And maybe some snow cones. Grape is my favorite. Cherry is favorite, too. Cherry is also favorite. Grape is favorite, but Cherry is favorite, only not as favorite. Grape is the most favorite and Cherry is still favorite, so if they only have Cherry, then that’s okay, because Cherry is favorite. But if they have the grape then I’ll have that because Grape is the most favorite.

    :please: :angry:

    I’m losing it.

    ~ :bye:

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