The Elusive MegaTron

Before you read anything, look at [ this ] wonderful picture.

This, people, is the elusive MegaTron. This rare photo has caught the MegaTron in its natural environment, some sort of disoteque, as are so popular with young children of today.

Here he makes a hesitant wave. To hide himself from predators (mostly likely trying to steal his awesome hat – or are those his ears??) he, himself, does himself become an optical illusion, himself. He stands, straight-legged, ready to take on the world one stilt-footed step at a time.

It’s hard to tell what sort of expression it wears. It appears to be looking at something up and to its right. Or it could be part of the MegaTron mating dance in which they basically just do that expression right there – that one — right … there.

It is my only hope that this creature does not find its way into our cities. If so, the results could be disasterous. It has been known to inexplicably suck the power out of any surge protecter with a simple clicking sound.

These creatures excite easily and may defend themselves by launching old pumpkins at offenders. However, if caught face to face, do not fear this creature. One on one, or caught in a small group, the MegaTron is actually pretty cool.

Just don’t Peek-A-Boo with him – after that, my guess is, you’ll never see him again.

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5 Replies to “The Elusive MegaTron”

  1. hahahaha lol
    ok …..
    thats good
    o boy
    gease…. i wish i had something to say…
    but i got nothing……
    stupid power strip

  2. I am a witness to the MegaTron.
    Ways to Catch Him:
    1. He is mesmerized by backwards clocks, he may stare at them for hours trying to figure them out
    2. Allow him to do something aweful to you, like cut off the power from your wonder machine during a wonder machine party, he’ll apologize to death whether or not it is a big deal.
    3. Show him Lemmiwinks, he’ll give himself up
    “I’m soo sorrry, oh…dammit…Oh man, i feel really bad…I’m so sorry. I just…click”

  3. I choose to make my comment here. no, no wait…

    here. well, as scary as MegaTron so obviously is, (:ponder:) i think the fact that he is solely the product of creativity*madness (:D) is far much more frightning. miles, dear miles, i do not wish to walk on the grass of your mind, but i do believe you are in need of serious therapy. yes, miles, it’s true: i’m talking about sleep. (cue scary music) :shocked:

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