Its None of Our Concern

I have yet to work my Category system into effect. I hope to have a different background color for different categories. Then you would know if what I have to say is babble, prose, or humour.

I have yet to get my links in order on the left side, but I looked at my site in IE and found it to be quite unsatisfactory. Why cant the browsers agree?? So, I had to make my Width for the #content tag. I had it un specified before, but IE doesnt like that and tries to make that div tag the same size as the whole window. Guh.

I have done a lot to keep my CSS compatible with my old one. I did a lot of restuctring, though. Took some tags out (milesmade and milesmaded and blog) and had to add some for the sake of what I still plan to do (inverse and bottom). To make sense of it, the milesmade put a red border around things, the milesmaded put a blue border around things, and blog made the first post padded by 15px.

My new inverse tag looks like this
My new bottom tag looks like this

I dont think anyone is reading this, but it also serves to give me something to scroll. I need more stuff to put on the left. The blue box I plan on making into Status stuff. Right now I have iMood and this nice BlogAmp thing that puts my latest song on the site (I can configure it to show more than one song if I wish.)

So, I think thats all that is new. I plan on making the links cool, too (CSS time) but I am running out of time. I wish to release the site on January 1st.

We will see.

¿@Naughty or [email protected]?

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