A Year and a Day

Holy Crap. Another year is gone by and here I am, a day late. I meant to launch this thing yesterday, but I was at a New Years party that lasted longer than I planned.

Much longer.

But it was nice and I had a good time and Im sorry that none of you were there. Hahaha, yeah right. Im not sorry.

So, there are so many ways to attack this post. I could write about my entire (freakin) year; I could just write about what I did yesterday or the day before; I could just wax and wane intellectually for a couple paragraphs.

Or I could show you all a bunch of funny Get Fuzzy comics that came and went.

Here they are!

Can we say nervous break down?

Kittens can be so cruel.

Bucky says some crazy things sometimes!

In this one you kinda have to tilt your head, but its worth it.

And what else do I have to show you? These two logos Collin made for me (that I could not really find a spot for in the site). They are this one and this one

You may notice a post below this. You could consider it an ‘extra’ or ‘bonus’ post since I posted it when the site was down. Its not great.

Its boring.

But its something to read. Have fun navigating the site and Welcome to 2003 (3… right? Yeah, its 3.)

May the terrible second coming of Christ be upon us soon so that the sinners may shake in their insolence and die horrible deaths!

12 Replies to “A Year and a Day”

  1. Had I not posted first Collin or Jeff would’ve. I feel kinda special.
    Site looks good. A lil too much Yellow if you ask me, but you aren’t so I’ll just stick with the showering of compliments. Right On Brother.

  2. Awesome comics.
    First thing I notice is that I have to scroll up to get to the smilies, but then it’s nice cuz I click one and it shoots me right back down here. ;)
    Good work, dude!

  3. Miles, I am a computer retard but tell me anyway, why can’t I get your website to work in netscape? Also, way too much yellow. Try orange.

  4. Gease. I didnt think Id get so much flak for using yellow. You know… I really cant change it now.

    I mainly have it because its easy to remember the hex (FFFFCC). If you can find me a color thats as easy as that (hey – I should make this a contest) then I will use it and make your name the heading of my next post! (at least look excited).

    I might see if I cant find something less … yeah.

  5. It seems to be a lot happer than the old brown site, i do however miss the old bryce in the rain log (the mispelled word hes talking about below) at the top :depressed:. Oh and FLAME ON YOU FOR NEGLECTING ME! JEFF GOT 4 AND SETH GOT 3 INVITES BUT HOW MANY DID I GET :ponder: NONE :angry:

    I do however still plan on going, if for no other reason to to make fun of your little dad with Jeff

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