I Liked the Yellow

So. Already there are dilemmas of paramount proportions. It is not three days into this new year and I have to answer to “There is too much yellow.”

Well, now its orange. You like? If you dont, then too bad. If you cant tell my keyboard is still sticky. I have yet to wash it. I am a little afraid of doing it (what if my keyboard breaks??), but maybe I will do it tomorrow.

Bryce and I had a reading contest (or more like not contest) today. We are both reading Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring, and it just so happens that we are in the same vicinity of the book (with me 40 or 50 pages ahead). The read off was going well, and I was/amstill in the lead. Then Lindsey called and Bryce lost all interest in the contest.

Funny how that works.

I have done some minor tweakings to the site. Margins, minor colors, icon (you may have noticed) for when it loads. (Why does Bryce add super-duper to the beginning of words? Does he know it sounds stupid?) There are three new poems by missa and I have included a new set of photos. I have also put some stuff on the hidden artist page, and they are link graphics. If you would like to link to me, please us the new graphics. I worked, oh, so very hard on them.

I have been playing a lot of computer games lately (Battlefield 1942 and Unreal Tournament 2003) and I would love to do some levels for Unreal but I cannot figure out the level editor. But I think I rendered something yesterday.

What else exciting happened? My aunt Sue called early (like 11:20am) to wake my brother and I up. She wished us to sup with her (I said I have been reading LOTR and it has gotten to me) at noon. She said that she had this spreadsheet problem and she wondered if I could help her (“Which, maybe you cant”) and then she would take Bryce and I out to lunch. We got there, she had her zoom turned way down, 40%, and then we ate at Pizza Ranch.

I love the salad there

Then it was back here for Saving Private Ryan and reading. Then my mom and sisters got home, and we went out to eat for supper (hot dog!). This time we went to a cafe up on the hill. Its called The HillTop Cafe. (shocker).

How exciting is my life. Shuttup. That was rhetorical.

Now that I think about it, sending out an email to everyone in my inbox (and mentioning my party) may not have been the sparkling gem of an idea I thought it was. I forgot all who was in my address book. Not that I dislike any of you… I mean… , well. Nevermind – the needle and the damage done. No going back now.

I should maybe include the lyrics to comedown somewhere on the site. I am resisting the urge to put more comics on this post. I dont think anyone read them last time.

Quite disappointing.

I leave you with a question that has burned my soul for a while now: who is cooler? Frodo or Sam?

¿@Frodo or [email protected]?

15 Replies to “I Liked the Yellow”

  1. one, Sam is cooler. he’s simple, loyal, and a good cook. Frodo may have the eyes and the destiny, but Sam’s the one I’d want a ring from. ;)

    two, your use of both rhetoric and sibling bashing and LOTR hrmm-hom language was well done.

    three, glad you’re using your holiday time productively.

    complaint, why are all the cute faces now bouncing way up at the top of the screen? eh eh eh? lame dude, weak sauce.
    otherwise I like the new site. yellow is cool.

  2. Thank God for that last question, maybe that way people won’t roast you on how dull our lives are.
    Well, I think Sam is SUPER-DUPER (ya god damn (incoherent muttering)) if it wasn’t for good ole Sam then Frodo would be in a world of trouble, killed and whatnot and so forth and EEK.
    Plus, Sam was Rudy and Frodo was North

  3. I’ll have to go with neither, seeing as I’m not into men, let alone hobbits. I would, however really enjoy the company of the nameless princess of Rohan, more specificly the actress. Not having read the books as of late, and it not being spoken in the film, can not put a name to the charactor. Anyone know?? :praying:

  4. we-hell. There’s no way Frodo can be better. It’s true. He WOULD’VE been beat, slain, eaten or stabbed by now if not for Sam. Nope, no sense in putting all your hopes in Frodo if you don’t have a Sam. Besides, at least Sam IS a name. :ponder:

  5. After seeing the 2nd LOTR movie, I would definitely have to say Sam is better. Elijah Wood is not that cute, really, and at the end of the movie, when Sam had his touching speech about writing books and whatnot.. it just got to me.

    Is that the answer you were looking for. . .


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