Communist Poker

There comes a time in a young mans life when he tries to reconnect with his roots. He finds the urge to reevaluate himself through his friends and his acquaintances. It is at this time that this young man will have a mega movie night and invite every body in both address books (Yahoo and Hotmail, excluding Carl)…

… and then no one comes.

Ok, not true. Carl, Seth, Jeff, Bryce, Lindsey, Kirstin, Ryan, Tyler, David, Erica, Andy, Dan, and Carlson showed up.

Thanks guys. :)

To the rest of you, this is what you missed. First off, Tyler and David show up around 430 (a good 4 hours early) which is fine. Tyler sits down and starts (immediately) to download things onto Bryces computer. David looks lost for a while then sits down somewhere.

Then Ryan and Kirstin show up (great, Ryans here…). Then Jeff, Carl, and Seth come strolling in. I was taken quite by surprise since I was playing Battlefield 1942 (but getting very frustrated). So, I tried to be a host. I ended up getting (semi)taught Cribbage. All I really learned is that it is the game of the devil (all those numbers that you can divide by 6) and that playing it only helps him to increase his cold, icy grip on your soul. Icy fingers, kids. Watch out.

Then Erica and Andy showed up (without the movie, I might add) and we improvised by shoving The Quick and the Dead in. There was more computer gaming. There were my hot weenies (little smokies you sickos), and eventually we had slush which tasted a little too close to alcoholic.

Bryce and Lindsey showed up. Woopity doo, Basil. Bryce and Ryan and Kirstin and Dan all played cribbage upstairs as my mom was preparing slush for everyone. She got some good ones in on Ryan (I missed it though) and then she got some really good ones in on Bryce. It was great. Everyone was laughing at him and he tried to put it on someone else, but it was a feeble attempt on his part.

Little joys. Not that I wish my brother ill will or harm, but it is funny seeing him get throttled by my mother in a battle of wits. Poor little fella.

While Jeff and Carl and Seth and I were upstairs, we decided to play cards. Now, instead of playing the tried and true (but boring and old) card games, we decided to play poker the way they would do it in Communist Russia.

There is a pot and the government has control over it. Everyone puts all their money in the pot. The cards are dealt, and everyone gets the same number of cards, but you can share cards and swap them to make the best hands out of the cards dealt. Then you each given back a fraction of a percent back of what you put in and one of you is shot.

The game continues until there is one person left. Then that person is in control of the pot and the person who was controlling it gets 35% of what is left and retires in Siberia. At times one can declare Democratic Revolt, but it will be quickly and brutally put down, they will be shot, their families will be shot, and rest of the players will pretend nothing happened.

We had a lot of fun.

Then Erica and Andy had to leave. The party kinda died down. Other people left. My dad popped in LOTR while others played Battlefield 1942. Jeff took pictures of Carl sitting with my cat. Carl really enjoyed my cat for some weird reason. O_o

Eventually everyone left and then the slumber party began. Left there were Carl, Jeff, Seth (even though he lives 20 miles away), Bryce and I. We had us some fun. Carl and Seth put themselves out on the couch while Bryce and Jeff and I chatting. Have you ever heard of That is some good chatting. By the end of the night, all three of us managed to get kicked and banned from the chat room for making fun of the admins. Jeff said something about some questionable behavior with Puppies and got the boot. That was when we decided to go to bed – at around 730am. O, thats okay. Church is only at NINE!

It was okay, though. Bryce and I went to Milbank (and saw Sue and Lonie there) at 1045. Ive been up ever since. To be technical, I didnt go to bed until 800. I only did that so I wouldnt get yelled at for staying up all night again. And look what happened. I got crabby all day. Oh, man.

Now I am chatting with Alicia and putting too much emotional baggage on her than I should and I am a little happier to see that Dans MSN name still reads “There’s a nasty rumor going around that I’m depressed, don’t believe it.” Why does his name say that? Because I added the words “I am really depressed. Ask me whats wrong” after his previous MSN name when he was gone. So, everyone would get online and ask him what was wrong and he had no idea. And they would say, “Come on, Dan. Im your bud.” This sort of thing would go on for as long as the victim is clueless.

Dan figured it out pretty quickly. :( But his name reflects my favorite MSN prank. :)

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Author: Miles Rausch

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  1. Things like.. Ohh you’re that person that Miles is always talkin’ about and saying how wonderful and cool you are and how lucky he is to have you in his life.

  2. Sounds like a great time had by all, excluding the Zoolander jokes of course! Wish that I could’ve been there to share it with everyone. Maybe for the next one! :w00t:

  3. milesy, i’m so glad that you shared the freak web site with everyone…so, you still aren’t interested in women that like making fairy wings?? hehe :w00t:

  4. Oh Yeah Lacey, well, I got a big ole Zoolander poster for Christmas…and not like a poster that fags get cause i’m not a fag. beat that…

  5. You may be the more materialistic fan, if you will, but I am the fan who focuses on the movie, not on everything that came from the movie like posters and action figures. Nice try.

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