…Anywhere But Here

Hi Kids.

I haven’t written in a bit. Now I am writing. It occured to me that maybe these posts come too many, too much, too quickly, but I disregarding that as my sloth’s inclination to do less work.

I will continue my works.

I received a lot of email about the site. We may very soon see a lot more artists on Awayken.com, and I am quite proud to be the shephard. I will give you more information on that when it comes.

I, too, am being more creative/artistic lately. You will see some actual works by me back up sometime soon. Most likely the same poems, stories, plus some new things I have done/written. I had a chance to scan some things over vacation >: ) (evil smiley).

I have yet to find any pictures of myself to put up. But I should really start pretending like I have friends and put some pics of them up there. That can be a JeffandI project. Sounds good.

As you see, this post is early-afternoon ish in time (actually, you don’t see that, but you are just gonna have to trust me.) Because, I am getting lazy at night and so I decided to write this when I felt like it.

Now is good.

I also contemplated changing my style. I realize that the humorous story/parody style is popular with the kids today, but I have looked at other “artistic” blog sites, and they all seem to be deep, intellectuals writing about what beautiful intrinisic moments they seem to be having.

So, here goes:

I went to the mall yesterday. I like to sit in the mall and look at the people walking by. They have no idea that I watch them. I try to guess things about them.

Name, age, past history.

I am never sure, and will never be sure, if I am right. I just watch them. There a hundreds of stories behind any given person. Do they limp? Do they shuffle? Head high or low? Concentrated or lackadaisical? Fast or slow?

Who are you? Does your walk tell me enough to know you?

The funny thing about it is…

… the people never see me.

¿@Ataris or [email protected]?

11 Replies to “…Anywhere But Here”

  1. I enjoy the witty, often sarcastic, style of the posts. But your artistic flare is very thought-provoking. I guess if I had to choose, I’d pick both. A little from column A, a little from column B, if you know what I mean. Your exquisite creativity should shine through both. Keep it up.

  2. Weezer, what kind of a question is that??
    To prove my point, the best band is covered and Weezer is covered by Ataris. Therefore, Weezer is better

  3. Weezer!!
    fo sho
    not a “Q”
    just strait forward weezer
    you know what i think about deep writing stuff….. i dont get it
    im to stupid and slow
    so id lean tword the witty
    and real storys
    but do what ya want man…
    its your site

  4. i enjoy scarcastic humor that’s a bit biting…who would’ve guessed. i think you should write the way that you like to write…after all, it’s not really a part of you unless you don’t immitate, ya know?

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