The Game of Global Domination

Again I am at a loss of what to write, so this will be an informative post. (Mainly so Melissa will quit bothering me).

I am tired. It is 1:00am and I am sick. I cough half the time, sneeze the rest, and always have an earache and an insistent tiredness.

Now would be a good time to die.

I read Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk (entirely) this weekend. Actually, I got it done Saturday night. Why? Because Collin came up this weekend. He showed up on Friday and left Sunday morning.

The weekend was mostly movies, Risk, and Battlefield 1942. I, of course, was reading, so I did some BF42 but not much. Most of the weekend is blurry. I do remember that Collin was going to write a guest post, but he never got around to it. Maybe he can write one in his neck of the woods and send it in. One of the movies we watched was “Bowling for Columbine” by Michael Moore. It’s a very funny documentary on violence and guns and such in America. I suggest checking it out if you can. The only thing I will say is Michael Moore tends to be a bastard. That is all.

I did manage to lose quite quickly at Risk, however. The trick is to start in Syberia and try to make a line to one of your other countries, like Egypt. Also, pick fights with countries that have many many people with no or little gain for you. If you can, spread yourself quite thing over your line. Collect mostly in the ends of the lines and leave the middle (the important part) thin and lacking. There is no war without Sacrifice!

I also had to do something this weekend that I am not proud of. I had to change my schedule. I am no longer in Asp.Net. I wanted to, though. I am heart broken. There were so many cool people in my class and I even asked special permission to be in it. I had this chance to learn a technology that I can USE for my everyday, look-and-love website. Then I say Avery and he convinced me (by saying nothing) that I should be in Calc II this semester.

There are good reasons for this. I can use the book I bought last semester for this year. Asp.Net was going to force me to buy my own book at a bookstore and probably two total to do well in the class. Maybe even three books. Also, Calc II is only offered in the spring, and I think that it might be an important class for me (a Math Major as of last semester) to have.

Oh, well. I am sorry that things had to work out this way, but they have. Hopefully two Math classes (and 18 credits) won’t kill me this semester.

To quote my brother: “Eek.”

Now, because I am sick, I am going to bed. Why should I stay up. There is no one cool to chat with that isn’t sitting in my room or isn’t set to away (that’s right, Missa – no one!) so I am going to sleep off this sickness (hopefully) and get ready for a long day.

At least I only have one class on Thursday – I have that to look forward to all week.

¿@3 Dice or 2 [email protected]?

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  1. you didn’t say anything about the damn spiders! what kind of friend ARE you?? i shake my head in regret and spit in you general direction.

  2. I have your computer paper in my car, does that cheer you up or loosed the bonds that your cold has on you?
    I kinda hope not, it’s only paper.
    Peace God Bless

  3. sucks about your cold dude….:S here’s hoping you dinna die. :praying:
    I too played Risk recently, and I totally kicked my little brother’s little behind.:worship: it rocked my face off.
    I also saw a good movie this weekend – Catch Me If You Can. Leo is actually likable in it. WoAh! :bounce: I highly recommend it. ;)
    k, that’s all for now, peace out bro. :word:

  4. I hope I don’t die either.

    The cold has gotten worse, (add to my list of symptoms: major major coughing), but there may be hope – lots of medicine.

    Collin : I will be expecting that post.

    And it had better be funny, got it?

  5. jeff, i’m not sure when you posted this, but to apease your living-thread hunger, i decided to reply.

    pancakes are cool.

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