Concerning Undergrads

by C J J Janes

There and back again. An Undergrad’s story.

And what is an Undergrad?

Undergrads are poor people, poorer than people with real jobs. They love food, music and sex. They disklike homework, but are good with instant messenging. They like to laugh and watch downloaded movies for free. They inhabit a land they call The dorm, a place between home and the next party.

The Undergrad is a story of these delightful creatures, a story complete in itself yet full of portent. For this book tells of Miles Rausch, the far-wandering undergrad who discovered (some say stole) the One CD-ROM of Power and brought it back to the Dorm.

And so this is the absolutely necessary beginning to the great story of the War of the CD-ROMs which is completed in the Epic trilogy The Lord of the Disks.

To be continued…

Author: Miles Rausch

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  1. Darn I thought you were going to talk about “Undergrads” the awsome cartoon on Comedy Central Sunday’s at Midnight.

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