I Love Heather, How Can You Not?

This post is going to be half and quarter and quarter. I am going to break into three women who just happen to be either forcing me into writing posts about them or online right now.

Half is going to be devoted to Heather cause I love her (and who can’t, right Heather?)

The other quarter is going to be for Sammi.

The last quarter is for my cousing Brenna.


So, Heather I met through the play. She works at 911 dispatch where she mostly draws and listens to people die (it makes her giggle). She has a husband and some kids (2 of which can talk). She met Jeff the other day. She is going to have some artwork on this site soon – do not let her tell you that I did them. She lies. She and Jeff have a song : Falling by Ben Kweller (check it out).


Sammi lives in florida. She is 14. She added ME to her list and not the other way around so I am NOT a pedophile. Read the sentence again as I stress it. Sammi talks to me a lot and signed my shoutbox asking me to write a post about my “bestest buddy” (her) so here it is.

It’s Lame, I know.


Brenna is my cousin. She went to Scotland last semester. She got Rausched. Then she came back with books of tales to tell and now I don’t have to do math when I chat with her to figure out what her time zone it is.

Each of these girls (and thousands others) have a special part in my heart. But there will always be someone who has a larger part.

My Mother

I love my mom more than anything (and I hope she’s reading this) and everytime I hurt her or put Lemon concentrate in her coffee (like today) I feel terrible inside and I cry for the anguish I have caused her.

“Oh, how could I?!” I cry to the silent heavens. God is silent because he knows how wrong it is to hurt your mother like that. And I fear the wrath of God! That is why I have turned this new leaf. I will be contrite to the end of my days if not but to show my mother a % (implying small) of the love and kindness that she hath shown unto me.

By the way, My birthday is coming up this year and I need a new DVD-ROM drive.


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7 Replies to “I Love Heather, How Can You Not?”

  1. I hit mom with my leather slipper. She tried slapping me with it, missed, and then chucked it super hard at me.
    It didnt’ hurt and i made fun of her for it.
    but i’ll give you credit, the lemon thing is much more effective. her coffee her awesome awesome coffee…her PRECIOUS

  2. it is futile to try not to love heather…not only that, but it’s impossible to not love her…even though fat red headed ladies are super mean to her because of they are jealous because heather is so so loveable…
    oh, and heather writes some awsome limricks…
    oh, and heather loves miles and jeff too… :bounce:

  3. um, i also forgot to say that another reason you can’t resist heather is because she teaches you how to make faces that are amazingly addictive…even beligerant jewlers are helpless when it comes to heather and the love vibe…

    *send her valentines, lots of them* :w00t:

  4. I feel like I should be insulted for not being mentioned in this post, but after shedding a few tears I realised that it was only for the elite. And I can’t compete with 14 year old girls whos favorite hobbie is sex (Miles?? a phedophyle?? naaa).

  5. I also feel that there should be this thing that when you don’t sign your name it tells you and says: hey! you didn’t sign your name!
    But of course if there was such a thing this really cool comment wouldn’t even have been left, so I guess it’s all for the better

  6. last time i tried to post miles kaboshed it… i think it is a motive of his. nice kissing up to good ole mom. you know who tries for the good presents. we’ll see though, coal may make your way even if it isn’t christmas. :ponder:

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