Your Friends Like a Certain You, That’s Who You’ve Got To Be

There has been quite the addition to the site.

We have ourselves quite a new addition to the community. I have 6 new poetry authors and 2 new image artists.

The first six are:

The next two are:

I am quite excited. In other news, I am starting to get invovled in some online communities. My latest memberships are into deviantART, where you can see just me by going to, and Design Technika or DT², where you can see me by going to

Jeff is, too members of both (and joined both before me), but I am not copying him. I am an individual.

Heather also informed me that she and Jeff love each other. Their love is so strong (apparently) that she/they would kill me. Kill me for their love. It doesn’t matter if I’m trying to break them up, if I’m trying to hurt one of them – no. Just for no reason, she/they will kill me for their love.

Oh, great. Looks like I’ll need an RA if this keeps up.

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7 Replies to “Your Friends Like a Certain You, That’s Who You’ve Got To Be”

  1. Lies.

    All lies.

    I do not love Heather.
    Ben Kweller is a bastard who only delays the performance of Dave Matthews. I am in no way a part of this plot to kill Miles.

    Lacey is my lover. I love you lover. I will forever be your webcam slut.

    The Get Up Kids – No Love
    Mates of State – Hoarding It for Home

  2. I like Heathers poems the most.
    R u happy Lacey, everything’s straightened out. Be crushed no longer.
    I’m going to bed.

  3. I’m still not in the entry. Are you really dumb or are you ignoring my subtle hints on perpouse? 3 comments on your last entry!!! Your mom didn’t even make that many! :angry:

  4. the love i have for jeff is so so shallow…but, i love him anyway because i don’t have anything better to do and sometimes i run into him…so, it seems like a good idea…jeff’s just afraid that lacey won’t understand our love…but, it’s okay…because i’m shallow, so, i can live with that

  5. now, i think i have a really really really shallow love for bryce because he likes my poems the best…but, i’m sure that that’s okay with jeff…so, send me a valentine bryce…and you too miles… don’t worry though my love for you is only sort of shallow…not likely to change but it might and then i won’t tell you why because if you don’t know i’m not going to tell… :peekaboo:

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