I Can Post for Miles… (guest post by Brenna Rausch)

Before we get into this guest post, there are new works from plasma. Plasma sent me a lot of works and they are all visible on the poetry page. Thank you.

I’d just like to say, right up front so that there’s no confusion, that Rausches are the coolest people ever to grace the planet, in all their crazy cousinish forms. Especially in their cousinish forms. Hells yea.

Today, I had another Math class and that was horrendous as I forgot to multiply the derivative by the reciprocal of the nth factor in the seventh stage of that proof I was working on. So that sucked. But the reason I made such an egregious oversight was due to the fact that I was too busy looking out the window at my other nemesis: Snow.


“S” is for silent – but deadly.
“N” is for nefarious – and treacherous in all its benighted ways.
“O” is for oh dang – the inevitable reaction to any hint to imminent scenery blank out.
“W” is for white – just like the trash that I toss out every day.

And in a related story, my cousin Brenna is going to California on Friday for a week with my other cousin Katie. As if life wasn’t already unfair enough, my two most beautiful and funniest cousins will be reunited in a sunny party haven far away from this hell which is South Dakota. ‘Course, Brenna already got out long ago, to the also-snow-infested Minnesota but also to the rain-blighted Scotland. You’d think she was a smart one, but no, she just keeps going from one kind of crappy weather to another.

My sister Brenna is kind of an idiot. She’s like 10 years old and still gets food all over her face when she eats. I ask you, is the concept of a mouth that hard? Answer: It’s not.

Well, responsibilities of one kind or another are calling, in their horrid screetchy wee voices, so I must away with me. But as a final reminder, dinna forget that cousins are cool. Way cool. Pretty brilliant cool.

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Author: Miles Rausch

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8 thoughts on “I Can Post for Miles… (guest post by Brenna Rausch)”

  1. Your sister, 10 yrs old and at this moment clean faced took offence to your post… She is not an idiot, just a little too much like her oldest brother in his younger days. And about the snow… the snow is great it is the cold that is the pits… who wants the same old all the time…

  2. Tonite, I was think that you should have titled this “I can type for Miles” and then included the Jets to Brazil song of the same name.

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