Jews Have Funny Names

I have taken Hiatus (look it up folks) but now I’m back. I have brenna, my cousin, working on a post for me that is sure to knock all your socks off.

I feel like I’m famous. Not the kind of famous where everyone is eager to see what you’ve written, but the kind of famous where you can have people write “guest” pieces and you don’t have to do any work, and the people love you more for that.

That’s how famous I am right now.

Today was mostly uneventful. I had a GAF (general allocation of funds) meeting with Terry Ryan on lead guitar. I was a little late getting in, but I didn’t miss much. Today Instrumental Music, Drama, Cheerleading, and the Student Senate came in and begged us for money. We heard their cries, and, much like kings did in days of olde, we told them to wait and come back later. We have many more meetings. Those who are unlucky enough to miss the meeting have to listen to audio tapes of it. Ha ha ha!

Then I had my health meeting. Health is another committee that I am a member of for Student Senate. I think the only reason I am on it is because Vonnie has a crush on me, but that is too creepy for me to consider seriously. I’m starting to worry about her, though. She seemed awfully eager to share with us the dangers/side-effects of small pox. Maybe too eager…

Later in the evening (past all the uninteresting stuff) I went to Play tryouts. Dakota State University is putting on “The Fiddler on the Roof” this year. They have also opened up auditions to the community. Dennis Hegg is the guest director. He seems quite enthusiastic about it (so I’m sure it’ll be a grand show). But, because it is open to the public, that means that I got there and it looked like a day care had exploded inside the playhouse. Little girls and boys (but mostly girls) were everywhere. Many were straining to remember how much they weighed (or estimating what they could get away with putting down) and the others were chatting about the things that concern kids that age : the pending War in Iraq.

I heard one little girl remark that Bush was only declaring war on Iraq for the his own personal reasons. She said that in his State of the Union, two words that would not be mentioned would be “oil” and “empire” and then chuckled snidley. The other girls laughed and one said, “It’s the ‘Just Because’ war.” That’s when I went to sit down. I can’t stand listening to politics when I don’t know enough to get the jokes people make about it.

I sat behind Heather and her whole bloody family. Heather and Chris and their three girls: Meggin, Brigid, and … the baby. Really, they’re cute. I am afraid of Brigid, though, because she is Heather 2.0. Picture Heather as a 3 year old (at least, Brigid told me she was three before muttering, “…even germany and france are against it…”)

Meggin on the other hand had much more intelligent things to say. She related a scene from “Kilo and Snitch” (or whatever that movie is) which ended with something having to do with sharks or tuna. I forget which one it was. Then she asked if I remembered her. I said, “Of course I remember you” and I flashed my big “I’m an adult and I’m a friend not a Stranger so take the Damn Candy” grin at her. She’s so cute. Brigid scares me. One) I keep trying to spell it Briggid which is wrong, but two ‘g’s just seem right, you know? And Two) … another Heather….

Anyway, with my completed sheet (after figuring what weight I can get away with and still be conservative) and a script, I took to the stage. One thing about this play is that it is Jewish in content. It involves a Jewish group of characters doing Jewish things in a Jewish setting. Not a Brit in sight, so there goes my accent niche. I have never been confident in my “Old Jew” accent, so I didn’t dare test it out. It’s quite dusty from the few lines of Snatch the utilize it.

The other thing this script has is a lot of Jewish Names. Names like Motel (which is pronounced “modul” but I pronounce it “Motel”), Lazar (“lay-zar”, but I say “Laser”), and Tzietel (“zietell”, but I say “Tinsel”). I can hardly pronounce these let alone act them out. I don’t think that the tryout went that well at all. I didn’t feel confident. I felt out of place.

If I don’t get a part, though, I can always be in the pitt band. That is the back-up. If that doesn’t happen then I can always help with Tech Theatre. Of course, it is always possible that all 3 could happen. Then I could rule the world!

:giggle: Oh, I’m so silly.

I got back to the room where Jeff was in the same spot doing the same thing as when I left… Wierd… But Jeff has been up to a lot. For one, his site is different. I’m not talking about I am talking about Jeff’s new toy : This is going to be his new way of blogging. He posts on the “blog” forum and you have to sign up and then you can comment. And we can discuss things at hand. We can discuss that post, or what we like best about each other (it’s your eyes : they get me everytime), or even the pending War in Iraq so we can be up to speed. Well, I can be up to speed.

Ugh … I’m tired. And everyone is a lullaby.

| rest assured into my dark, the best is lured, split into parts |

8 Replies to “Jews Have Funny Names”

  1. i think i’d make a terrific jew…and i think that you would too…we could speak some yiddish and make mahtsa ball stew…oh, we would both be a wonderful jew….

    hmmm, i’m almost considering this post to be kind of off color…but, if i replaced catholic for jew, i’d be okay with it…or if i replaced mormon with jew, that’s okay too.

    i think maybe it’s because we’re just too worried about being p.c. ya know?

    in any case…yeah, brigid is another me…everyone loves her. she’s a good kid and she scares miles…hehe
    meggin is awfully cute too…and smart…and yes, miles, you should come and watch lilo and stitch with us…it’s good. :)

  2. I wish my day had half the fun. I sovpose I could start by getting off my ass in the first place, that would be smart. But I have books to read and people to talk to on the net. Whoaing is mine. One day I will be as inspiring as you mr.miles. Oh wow… I love this face. :ponder: Peace out. :spidey:

  3. hey, i read the post but this has nothing to do w/ it. i’m in school and i have no e-mail, but i’m working on the revision of the composition on you. (YOU!) heee. but i need some more things from you and it’s due monday so i’ll need to get ahold of you sometime friday night if i could…i have guards all weekend. wow. it’s great how this comment thing can double as a means of productive communication, huh? that’s just schmeeve! :D but hey, i’ll ttyl. thanx :w00t:

  4. @thatnicegirl : I might have to show up before the girls go to bed to get the full effect.

    @Zer0_Blue : :ponder:

    @Collin : I’m working on it. Right now I’m on page 99 (Chapter 16) and I plan on getting a lot of reading done on Thursday.

    @missa : You need more info? You know everything about me. There is nothing more. And you HAVE to get that to me when you’re done. Please :'(

  5. Dude,
    WHERE”S MY POST?? I bust my ass for you, waste my time when I’m already pages and days behind on two, count ’em, TWO projects for my interim class that are BOTH DUE TOMORROW and you give me no respect, NO RESPECT I TELL YOU. Just see if I ever ghost write for you again. puh.

    btw, good luck with the yiddle-diddle-diddle thing.

  6. yeah, more stuff. :S he said maybe i could develop more on your mannerisims as you speak, your clothing, your bodylanguage, etc. he liked my physical description and asked me to expand on it. :ponder: how much more of you does he think i can come up with? the world may never know. ummm…i think he likes what i have but he wants me to add more; which, i think, means tapping a bit deeper into your personal life. ;) heee. seriously, i need some help to get a good grade. i manipulated the system a bit and i might have some time to get ahold of you on friday afternoon after all-state auditions :puke: so, yeah…we’ll just have to see how that goes. i’ll try and call on my way home from Aberdeen (feeling too much like email) between 10:45 and 12:30 or so. thanx again! :worship:

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