I Hate Browser Crashes and Network Outages

Awayken.com needs your help.

Awayken.com wants to know what you thought were the funniest posts on here. No wait. Awayken.com wants to know which posts would cut it in a newspaper at a college.

It’ll work like this. In the comments for this post, paste either the title or the url of the post(s) that you like. Which ever posts get the most votes will get submitted (of course, I have my own list.)

So what do you think can make it in the hard hitting, fast-paced, hoe-hum world of Newspaper humour writing (yeah, I’m going for humour in most of these)? Let me know! (or I will clean your clock, I promise you).

5 Replies to “I Hate Browser Crashes and Network Outages”

  1. Any one of your posts will make that Trojan Times thing considerably better. But I always liked the Hafner one :)

  2. I would suggest something if I knew more about newspaper journalism, I have only been in that type of work for about 2 years, I have crap for experience. I will look over your old stuff, I have been meanign to for a whil now. If I find anything that makes me laugh/cry with some type of emotion, I will get back to you and suggest that.

  3. The Pizza Hut story ruled… the bit about you having to defend you not being a girl was good stuff… of course, one of your recent guest posts *ahem* was pretty swell as well…

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