A Response to a Vandal

Since the “pick your favorite Awayken.com moment” isn’t quite taking off, I’ve decided to just pick what I want out of it and rewrite those. As it is, the wall outside our room was vandalized again. This time I am taking it personal. So I found out his name, Brian Rand, and I wrote him a letter. I sent it to him, too. Here it is.

Dear Brian Rand:

Wow. You’re right. All those things you said about me, they are correct. You know me pretty well, Miss (you’re a girl right? Or do you just act like one? He he, j/k). I’ve been thinking about it, and I am a jackass. I have a very small, but very beautiful, collection of pogs, too! I don’t know how you figured that one, buddy, but you must have a psychic dick cause you nailed that one.

You don’t know how excited/happy I was when I woke up this morning and saw all the cool sayings (both funny AND witty) on my wall. The wall right next to my door, no less! You seem to have a knack for decorating that few but the most … efeminate of our sex attain. I’m not saying that you’re gay; I’m just saying your experimentation with your father has paid off! Good job, mate.

And now it is my turn to apologize. You must have heard that thing I said about you being impotent, right? Gosh, is my face red. I can’t believe that I said that. I mean, you couldn’t be to put posters up. I mean, they look just like the ones I had up there before; that’s what you call a good parody. And I should have known, from seeing your trashy, whore of a girlfriend, that you probably have sex with her a lot. Well, at least when your herpes isn’t acting up. Am I right? Am I right?

The duck (or duct, whichever) was a nice touch, also. Though you left some finger nail polish on one side of it. Ooops. Out with the “boys” again, sweetheart? Just kidding! Though I thought I saw you going into that gay club down in Sioux Falls. Or maybe that was your mom’s house. Who can tell? I’m not gay.

I’m not sure how Bill Gates came into the picture, but I’m betting that you pirate his software. I don’t mean to sound like a Negative Nancy (is your nickname Nancy, or did I hear wrong?), but that kind of behavior only hurts yourself. See, what’ll happen when that cool video game playing and beer drinking job you’ve been dreaming of falls though? It’s hard to get software (pirated or not) when you’re homeless and sucking off Japanese businessmen who seem to pay too little (even if it IS in yen). I could say pirate now, worry later, but when the FBI finds all that little boy porn (it doesn’t help that you have the whole ‘Preteen Love’ folder shared) they might write you up for charges like that, too.

And I’m sure you’ve heard stories about what they do to people like that in jail from your Dad. Is he in jail again, or did he outrun them this time? That man, he never knows when a girl means no, does he? Oh, well, I’m sure you’re not down that road. After all, you’re Dad can’t spell like you can. He spelled “cock” with only one ‘c’. You remember that, don’t you? In court? Maybe you blocked that from your memmory. I mean, if it was MY DAD who did THOSE THINGS to ME, I’d probably pretend I had no idea what you were talking about either.

Well, I should go. See, I have a 4.0 gpa and I didn’t get it by writing letters. I wish I could have that care free life that you have. You don’t have to go to classes (well, I mean, the academic probation says you have to, but they also say you have to go to those AA meetings, right?), you don’t have to clean the vomit off your bed in the morning if you don’t want to. You are truly one for me to look up to.

Hey, stay cool and keep those wonderful signs going! I think you have a future in that!

Yours in Wall Art,


Send Brian your own letters! [email protected].

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13 Replies to “A Response to a Vandal”

  1. out with the boys, thats too funny. why dont you computer geniouses hack him….into little pieces!

    for me to poop on

  2. ouuuuuuuuuuuuch!!

    man you really went to town on him.

    my side hurts from laughing too hard,, lol!

    man if you used the sword as well as you use the pen, then this brians balls would be chopped off and the whole thing would look like the south dakota prose

  3. That focker deserves to get letters like this from everyone in Zimm. :devious: He must have a lot of extra time on his hands between masturbating and drinking to shine a flashlight and a red laser pointer into our windows at night. The shithead completely pisses me off! :angry:

  4. I totally hate this Brian kid. He’s mean and he’s ugly and if I ever see him I’m going to punch him in the face.

  5. Miles,
    sucks about the vandalism, but how swell that you’ve got the wit and balls to retaliate with a strongly worded letter. bravo. Tho I must also support Bryce’s shin-kicking suggestion.
    unrelated note:
    whenever I load your site lately, this window (for replies) along with your ‘mood today’ boxes and whatnot, all appear on the left side of the screen so I canna read the post.
    it’s lame… can you do s’thing about that? cheers.

  6. I hope the one sign is in reference to this Brian’s mom and not in reference to your saintly mom! I feel dreadfully sorry for this Brians mom… he certainly “does her proud!” in his actions. Maybe that is in relation to his IQ though…in that case she may be celebrating his creativity! You ever want mommy to go get him let me know… a mother’s rage you know. :>

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