Please Don’t Hurt Me : I Will Sell You My Pogs

That guy, Brian Rand? Turns out, he didn’t do it. But enough of that. There is a new author afoot.

Check out the section by molly b in the poetry page. I highly recommend it.

It seems that the arts sections have been a little dry lately. I’ll try to fix that. I’m gonna type up some new poetry (and some old) and post some of the stuff I had on last time (lazy lazy lazy).

Hang tight, kids. We’ll see if I get beat up anytime soon. It seems the Brian Rand thing may be at an end. He apologized and denied involvement with the poster putter-uppers. I (for now) believe him and am out to figure out who the Benedict Arnolds are that live in this hall.

You see, all the signs/posters that were up before got taken down (by us this time) and we’ve started anew. Welcome to “exploding dog” city. I, however, got a letter written to me. I won’t post it here (Darin told me that I should quit feeding the fire), but suffice to say they want me badly hurt.

Oh my. What should I do? How about … nothing. Let ’em come. I haven’t gotten into a fight for ages, and I think all of them have been with Bryce, so I have lots of pent up aggression waiting to ‘splode.

Sorry – no funny commentary today – I feel drained and it’s only a quarter to 7pm. There should be no more problems with the site from here on in (I hope), so post your hearts off.

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9 Replies to “Please Don’t Hurt Me : I Will Sell You My Pogs”

  1. Damn the enter button.
    Dude…. if you find out who, when, and where you are going ot have a fight I will be your bookie(sp?)…

    It will be a grand spectical… of love and native american rights. That’s not right…. well I will poof up the hair i have left like that one guy… donkey king. or was that rodeny king… oh dear… I am comming of as a terrible racist… im not… im just dumb.

  2. If anybody is kicking anyone’s ass, it’s going to be me. Ain’t nobody mess with my running crew. Especially through letters. Way to be the bigger man Miles! And Viva La Exploding Dog City!

  3. Hi Miles,
    Your mama just showed me your site. Wow…very neat. Your use of technology is mavalous!! I want to say one thing…Beware of that low-down loser who wrecked your artwork. I wouldn’t mess with people like that. To me, they rank down there with child molestors. I’m serious. That is low-down. You probably have to discontinue putting art up outside your room. That is my opinion. It’s not about who is winning and who is losing. It’s all about survival and going to Heaven. Do the right thing and you’re well on your way!
    The Dolphin Lover

  4. I say we start the first bout with ol’ tuna lover over there. * points at DL over his shoulder*

    It may not make any sence but damn it I would enjoy watching that.

  5. like i said to miles before….those who threaten violence like that don’t mean it. i mean, if you really wanted to kick the crap out of someone or, say, kill someone, would you tell them before the fact?? i mean, really, wouldn’t that put you in a compromising postition? so, my theory is that this was all done by carl…and wayner…hehehe. get um guys! :bounce:

  6. Its all a conspiracy man. That guy Wayner and his evil Robotech Anime show are out to make us destroy ourselves. Oh yeah, that Carl dude might be in on it too man. He and Wayner are porbably working together, trying to brainwash us all with Robotech.

    Robotech, Robotech, Robotech, ahh noooo! Its already taking effect!

    Oh and miles, if you ever need any help with those guys, you can count on me to cheer you on! (from a distance of course)

  7. screw watching…it’s all about being a part of it….i mean, nothing starts the day off right like my fist in someone’s face. hehe


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