The Night sits like a Falcon,
To swallow up the Day.
The Day, now slow and sluggish,
Does what the Bird will say.

The Night soars like an Eagle,
Flying beyond the clouds.
The clouds, now dim and whispy,
Do whatever the Bird allows.

The Night swoops like a Vulture,
Consuming up the sky.
The sky, now dark and cleared away,
Is where the Black Bird hides.

The Night floats like a Hawk,
Unseeing of the Star.
The Star, all bright and sparkling,
Defies the Bird afar.

The Night cries like a Osprey,
Berating the infidel.
The infidel, still bright and sparkle,
Sings past the Black Bird’s yell.

The Night leaps like a Condor,
Rushing towards the Glow.
The Glow, bearing herself a smirk,
Awaits the Black Bird’s blow.

Enter the Warrior, Soldier of Light,
His Sword and his Soul shall win him this Fight.

Tearing upward goes the Night,
To rip apart the Pristine Light.
There is a sound that tears behind.
A sword of Light to slice and blind.

Ripping upward goes the Night,
To tear into the Lux so bright.
As the Night prepares to kill,
The brilliant sword shows greater will.

Screaming murder does the Night.
A horrid wound and terrid sight.
Blood like Star Dust trickled down.
And makes a Star who falls to ground.

Diving downward does the Night,
To meet the one who’s sword is Light.
Earthly tumbles the flourescent blade.
To land nearby the star it made.

Shining downward shows the Star,
A glowing warning from her Heart.
With her power slows the Bird,
And hearkens those her voice they heard.

Preparing murder shows the Night,
to bear his talons for the fight.
The brightest flash and violent end
Destroy the Night as Day begins.

Goodnight, sweet Warrior, with Star and Sword
And remember, at Night, You are Lord.
| I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me |

16 Replies to “LA”

  1. Very well done.
    How often do you write and do you post everything that you do write?

    Sorry I am no around lately, I have been (and still am until friday) in key west, fl. I am glad to come back to this page with something like this. :) You kida have a great spring break. I know I will. :spidey:

  2. Dominate me…no, don’t dominate me. I still think that this poem is wonderful and fantastic and it should be published.

  3. maybe…but still, i mean, don’t you think it’s just a little unkind? i guess i’m prolly pretty alone on that thought, huh?

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