Drawin’ and Quartered

At first there was rock. The primitive Earth Man (as he was called) would use another (smaller) rock and scratch across his “canvas” to make drawings, symbols representing what he saw and felt. Drawing began.

It then (eventually) moved on to paper. This was a revolution in drawin’ because you could move your work. And often times you could eliminate the paper or even erase it. Did you draw “Thou” with too heavy eyebrows? Even if they are his best feature, I think you over did it. Paper lets you forget the past.

Then there was better paper (nothing much was going on for a long long time, so they just changed the paper a bit). The instruments for writing to paper changed drastically from a large (free) rock you find outside, to a small (expensive) rock you find inside a pencil. Queer.

Then there was the black board, which gave way to the wipeoff board. That gave way to the mini-wipeoff board (some say that was a step back). Now college kids could leave lewd messages to each other on tiny little boards in blue, black, or red ink. Life was good.

But I’ve found something better. It takes all the wondrous dexterity of the wipeoff board and combines it with all the lazyness of a website. It’s called Imagination At Work and if creativity needed a place to breed, this thing is dark, moist and cool.

Tonight I get a message from Missa. This was the message [ this ]. Simple, nice, and it gave me an idea.

I immediately reply with my own. It was supposed to be a cute cat face, but I drew too many lines and it started erasing what I had written. I was infuriated for 2 seconds, but then I got over it. Life’s too short, eh?

I started over and I drew [ this ]. I call the piece “Life and Love”. I made sure to share it with the few people I actually want to talk to. Lacey insisted on being included. One of the people (her name is Kari) started getting ideas, too. She decided to draw her own works.

I was panicked. What would I do? I knew that however this took place, I had to make my drawings funnier, better, and faster… er, stronger… eh, better still. I had no choice but to encourage her and pray for utter failure. She countered my drawing with [ this : warning adult content and themes and/or awesome nudity ]. What can I say? I can say, “:-O”, and I did.

Great. She’s doing the “Love Sucks” theme. I’m awesome at that. I’m always whining about love sucking and how much love sucks. This is my ball park. I carefully choose my topic and I set to drawing. I wanted something powerful and beautiful like … Jeff. So my finished product was [ this ]. This has no name. Who has time to name these things : this is war.

I think I stunned her, but she kept coming. She muttered “You couldn’t draw a breathe” and other archaic puns like that. I was scared, but ready. I was ready. She unleashed her [ work ]. Those grey things, they’re drumsticks or numchucks or something. And he’s bashing her in the head. (Can we say issues?) But I had to do it again.

I reached into my artistic grab bag and pulled out … nothing. The one before was so easy (because that literally happened to me Junior year at Prom), but now I had no more personally experiences. What would I do? I do [ this : warning adult content and themes and/or awesome nudity ]. That one was nice, too. But I could feel that I was losing steam.

And I did. I did two more but they had nothing to do with love. You see, Lacey has entered the competition as well (about 20 minutes behind the rest of us) and slew us all with [ this ]. No boy this time. No violence. Just a green spider crawling out of her mouth onto the only partially colored heart.

It speaks volumes.

But, just as I was about to head to bed, Kari made one more drawing. And this one blew me away. It’s so odd how she had chosen to draw this particular creature. This beutiful and unique individual who means to much to millions of people and throughout centuries of lifetime. It was [ Err! ] My jaw dropped once again (“:-O”), because recently I also got [ this ] from Lacey. It’s Err. Look at the eerie similarities. Some say he’s evil. But I just say he’s Err.

With much drawing haven been done, and all of us tired and sweaty, we said our sweet goodbyes and departed the scene. Would we draw again? Would we once again enjoy an orgy of lines and colors such as we did this night?

One can only hope.

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  1. Oh my god
    that was soooo awesome
    my favorite post
    probably just cause it looks cool and hillarity ensues
    but nonetheless, cheap entertainment is cheap entertainment

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