I’m not sure how many of you consider yourselves artistic, but you’re not. You go here, don’t you? Or, to Converse. God, I hate that site. Did you see that April Fools post he put up? I totally fell for it. I’m so stupid.

But there are stupidder people out there. For no cost to you (but an internet connection) you can find a whole cadaver of bacteria-like art that writhes and squirms and generally makes EVERYONE uncomfortable, especially me. I mean, some people post really dumb things.

Floating from large section to section can be a long and arduous journey if it wasn’t for the host of quirky, stupid, lame or laughably painful artwork along the way. For instance there is an ASCII dancing ass that I found.

There are entire sections where you know that they didn’t start it for “the beauty of art.” Like Anthro. It’s basically Anime but the people also look like animals. Game is basically a cool, action Anime section that is based on computer games. Ansi is just crappy, hand drawn Anime. And the Anime section is basically an Anime section with a little more Anime. And we all know that Anime means cartoon sex. Don’t deny it, folks.

Then some people just have dumb names. I’m not a fan of overuse of numbers (especially “dirty” numbers) in any name. I also think that using a given year is dumb. What happens when that year goes by? There where are ya? Huh??

Here’s a short list:

Some people post very awesome things. Check out this little [ goody ] that I found randomly.

There are also some people with kick-ass names.

Here’s a short list:

This just goes to show how much fun DeviantART can be. You can awful and awesome artwork alike. The next time you need a good laugh or a sigh of complete contentment brought on by intense immaculate beauty, head over to deviantART.

Or I will get Dracula to suck your blood.

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2 Replies to “Spictacular”

  1. Uh…. You don’t want any one sucking your blood… it isn’t as fun as it sounds. And it does leave scars…

    With that said, you have some good art up there, and I am all about the dancing ass.

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