My name is Miles. And I’m a thespian.

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Hi. As part of my rehabilitation program, I must tell people whenever I act. This is just such a bulletin.

Come see “Fiddler on the Roof” this week.

April 10th : 800pm
April 11th : 800pm
April 12th : 800pm
April 13th : 200pm

Tickets are $8 and $4 (I think), and we’re hoping to play to a packed arena. The musical is being presented at the Dakota Prarie Playhouse in Madison, SD.

If you need directions, email Miles Rausch, or call him at 605 256 5623.

I hope to see you all there.

4 Replies to “My name is Miles. And I’m a thespian.”

  1. Take the Interstate to the Colman/Madison exit. Take a right
    (west?) and head to Madison. When you get to the stop sign next
    to the gas station (and in front of you is a buffalo) take
    another right.

    Take this road straight. You’ll eventually get to a flashing
    four way light. Still go straight. You’ll eventually get to
    DSU campus. Still go straight. The Dakota Prarie Playhouse is
    at the end of this road (before it turns to gravel). The
    building is large and on your left. It is parallel parking on
    the left side, but it is slanted parking on the right.

    Park where you can and head on in!

    Does that help?

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