I posted a poem that I wrote to deviantart. It’s Art Poetry. Not as large as a wallpaper, but it’s nice. Check out I Spend My Time Dreaming here.

This post is not a humourous piece. This is informational. I want to apologize for those of you who have tried to reach me by MSN : [email protected] : or AIM : rauschpax : or ICQ : 161393312 : and haven’t been able to. For one, I just found out that AIM seems to forget when I go away, so everyone thinks I’m there.

I’m not.

For MSN I just appear offline – a lot. It’s been a hectic set of days (weeks, even) and it won’t slow down for another week and a half. I’ve had banquets, band reheasal, Bob Holly and Miles band rehearsal, meetings, and still had time to stare off into space while driving… fast.

What a rush that is. I love the faces of children as I speed towards them with a ton of metal surrounding me. I never much cared for playgrounds in my childhood, but now I never drive past them. I drive through them.

What?? *sigh* What is wrong with me…

That’s it.

7 Replies to “What? An INFORMATIONAL Post?”

  1. try driving blind folded, your not really missing anything appearing offline, i just miss the glow of the (busy) after your name

  2. …but you’re not forgetting prom, right? 8:00. 7:30 if you want good seats. and you do. cuz my dress is so purdy. you have to be there, miols.

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