And Thanks for the Punch

It’s quiet like a coffin in here. Nancy’s gone today, and I am hard-pressed with the duty of staying in the office. Otherwise I’d be doing inventory or greenhouse. As it is, I am to remain at this desk until my lunch hour. Then, during HER lunch hour, I think I AM going to go to the greenhouse. Who’s going to know?

Well, besides all of you, that is.

This weekend was nice. It started on Friday at around 4:00. Jeff and I entered his vehilcle and drove to Sioux Falls. Jeff had to meet his dad to exchange the van he had for the car he wants. He told his father that we would meet him at around 4:30 (so we were going to be a little late getting there). He calls him mom.

“Hey, mom. It’s your son.”
“Oh, hi Brett. How are you?”
“*sigh* Hey, when did Dad leave for Sioux Falls?”
“Around 2:30.”
It is pertinent to know that Sioux Center, IA, is about an hour from Sioux Falls.

When we got to iHop, the drop point, there sat his father reading the paper and waiting patiently for us but hopefully not an hour’s worth of waiting patiently. We made the exchange, I almost forgot my phone, and we took off for Big Stone City.

Two hours, 100 songs, and 10 pages later, we pulled into the Watertown Mall Parkinglot. You may say, why did you do that?, and I may say, because what I didn’t tell you was that we were going to see “The Matrix: Reloaded” in Watertown first, and it would be true.

We saw the movie and I loved it. You can discuss it with other members of the lazydesert community right here. If you aren’t already of a member, be sure to register. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do… forum-wise.

The next day, after lounging around for most of it, I managed to catch Megan Johanson online. Turns out that her graduation party was on Saturday and not Sunday, and I would have missed it completely because I’m not good at reading. So, luckily, she reminded me.

When we got to the fire hall in Milbank, we were bombarded with an overly large number of tables. As it turned out, Megan’s graduation party was a quad, and, as it turns out, her table was way in the corner. I think that Jeff and I hung out with Megan, Amy, Zack Larson, Seth Larson, and eventually Derek from 6 until 10:30. We mostly complimented cars driving by and threw Jelly Bellies at them. There was a time that Sarah was there. Sarah, one of my closest friends in the world (I hope she’s reading this) ever, hadn’t invited me. She claimed that she “thought she had” and then reinvited me. How sweet. She eventually left and the group of us were left to our own devices again. I hadn’t hung out with Megan in a long time. It was very nice to see her again.

Then Jeff and I drove on back to the Sioux Historic to hang out with Bryce, Lindsey, Chris, Alexis, Kirstin, Dan, Carlson, Ryan, Alicia, and Todd (who never had less than two beers in his hands at all times). I spent most of my time buying $.75 drinks of water and sitting with Carlson, Dan and Jeff talking about how utterly alone we were while simultaneously lip-syncing the words to “Jesse’s Girl.” Then Alicia pulled Dan and I (and we tried to pull Jeff) out onto the dance floor. We did three rap songs, then Dan and Jeff and I went home.

The next day, Bryce and Jeff and I go to graduation ceremony. Like most graduation ceremonies, it was hot, long and boring. Unlike most graduating ceremonies, Bryce, Jeff and I were far enough away from other people that we could make sarcastic comments the whole time. We had some good ones, and some crude ones, and some that I cannot post here. Suffice to say, they were good seats.

After the ceremony was over, we hung out at the high school waiting for people to say, “Oh, I can’t believe I forgot your invitation! You have to come!” but it only happend once. Thanks, Julanne. Thanks a bunch. She seems to think that a crappy dual hug would fix his blunder. She got no pen, thank you very much.

My graduation presents included second-hand pens that I found around the house and a card in which I wrote a message (usually sweet and endearing) with said pen. I gave presents to Megan, Sarah, ALi, Shellia, Missa, and Tony. Julanne’s graduation consisted of Bryce, Jeff and I being the first people there and being scared to eat any of the food. We did however see a lot of pictures. Sarah’s graduation party consisted of awesome lefsa rolls and my signing her guestbook three times.

ALi’s graduation frightened me at first. I had seen her whole family around the school and I’m not sure that I’ve really talked to them since ALi and I broke up. So, of course, I was scared. I got to her party and the first thing I hear is “You made it!” When did I say I wasn’t going to show up?? Her whole family said it. Oh, you came! How wonderful! Did I seem like the kind of guy to NOT show up? Is that what they thought?

I had some food, and sat with Jeff. Then Ange, ALi’s eldest sister, hit me with some food on the back of the head. That was all the excuse I needed to chit chat. I think I had a very nice conversation with Ange, Jenny (also ALi’s older sister), Jeff, and a lady who works with Jan (ALi’s mom). Turns out that no one hates me in their family, and I think that’s great. Then my mom shows up, and now they all love HER. EVERYONE loves my mother. Ange especially took to her. Maybe I’ll get Ange her email address. They can be pen pals.

Shellia’s was a little weird. I think I’ve talked to her in person 2 or 3 times. She’s a friend of ALi’s who became an internet friend of mine. She also used to date this guy who scares the hell out of me. Missa’s went well, too. Hers was mostly over, but her mother insisted we drink a gallon of punch each. She also seemed a little less than coherent at times. I think she was really really tired. We stood around, shot the breeze, drank punch. Opsahl and a friend of his who I know but cannot recall the name of came in. He actually did really well with comebacks. It was a little disarming.

Tony’s graduation party was the final one. I chit-chatted with Corey for a while, I was asked to retrieve Tyler from upstairs, and I made Jeff say, “I love South Dakota.” All-in-all, it was a good day. Jeff and I packed our stuff up, grabbed some Mountain Dew, and took off. The ride home consisted of sorting through Jeff’s unmarked CDs. Everytime I took a sip of that Mountain Dew, though, I wished it was graduation punch.

I can’t wait until I graduate… again.

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Author: Miles Rausch

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12 thoughts on “And Thanks for the Punch”

  1. I didn’t go to our local high school graduation. I didn’t really care for anyone in the class. After reading this, I think I somewhat gladder that I didn’t go…

  2. this seems like it would have been a perfect event for me. the graduation ceremony sounded like a real hoot.

  3. So, all these people have to do to get a REAL present is graduate? Gee, that’s SO more deserving of a real present than a BIRTHDAY.

  4. I had a great time in the tri-city area (Big Stone, Milbank, Ortonville). I super enjoyed the kick-ass pink room I slept in, and my Saturday when I spent the entire day blowing my nose.
    When we came out of the theater after the Matrix 3 preview, who did we happen to see? Why, only Seth and, further back in the line, Dan Smith. I gave him a killer high-five, and immediately asked where we could find Wayner. Thus, it was off to Shopko where there was NO ONE. Only people who work there remain. We wandered around looking for him, finally I resorted to asking a couple of gals if he was around. They said no, and that they didn’t know him too well. *shrug*

  5. Lacey, You’ll have a lot more birthdays down the line in which you might actually get a present. People, well most people, only graduate high school once. High school graduation is a highly lucrative affair. Hell, I’de do it again if I got some more money for free.

  6. I suppose you have a point. But when you think about it NOW, was high school that big of a deal? Nah. But turning 19, THAT’S a big deal :)

  7. Especially when you hand craft a picture of Err for a certain someone for his birthday..

  8. miols, i think lacey has a point. as an (expert ;) ) outsider looking in, it seems to me that she’s done much to keep your friendship healthy. and, as we all know, a healthy friendship is a happy friendship….so be a friend, ok?

  9. on second thought, it’s kind of late now, but do it next year. no, that wasn’t a mistake. experts don’t make mistikes.

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