When It Falls

This is to Dirk, my cousin, a sun beam waiting for the dawn to come

the sun beam seeks its rest
the rays now travel not
they find an earthen cot
and forge a darkened nest

the shadows stretching out
upheave the solar beds
destroy the sleepy heads
and thrash the light about

creatures stir at night
their will is fraught with ill
teeth shine with evil still
sweet moon wanes at the sight

too far to flee for fear
the sunlit child shakes
at sounds this hour makes
two eyes are watching near

‘come quickly’ prays the beam
a prayer to reach the sun
the creature’s willing run
comes faster yet it seems

this night orchid of lore
not wilting with due speed
the victim loathes the deed
but hates the creature more

as creature leaps at prey
there leaps a solar yawn
the creature shrinks to gone
And so another day

[ art ]

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