Guess What

You people suck. I happened to have enjoyed that last post very much and I got nae a response.

Why do I even bother? I do this for you lazy internet junkies. Can you come up with better content? Content is hard. I don’t just sit at work and type whatever little thing pops into my head you know. I have to profread it, too.

Here’s a post that you might find on other sites :

i woke up like at 9 and totally was late for work. my horrible boss wanted to like fire me but i said hell no and took a smoke break.

i rulez.

: but not on mine. I have a higher standard. You say what I wrote to Nancy when I was late to work. It’s not that person who “rulez”; it is I.

*sigh* If I didn’t love you guys so much, I’d just shut this down and concentrate on my dance lessons. All I can say is, ‘You’re lucky I can pirouette.’ And do not make me repeat that.

[ disappointment ]

7 Replies to “Guess What”

  1. Miles, honey, may I quote you on the pirouette thing? That would be hott (with two t’s)!!

  2. I think that was the joke
    how lame are the top three posters? Friday night replys. How about our social lives?

  3. or you could just accept that few people spend as much time on your site as you.
    in other news, I second Jeff’s suggestion that you submit a slightly revised version of “Special 12K My Ass” to Uber.

  4. Lack of comments stem from my being away from the internet for so long.

    You KNOW that if I were hooked up, I would totally comment. :worship:

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