Sit Tight

I was going to write a post today (or two posts, you lucky doggs) but I don’t feel very good. I will work on them, but I don’t know when they’ll get punished.

However – if you wish – exploding dog has some new updates. He hasn’t put pictures up in a while, but I like the new ones.

Here’s some comedy to read.

If I Ran My Own Company by James Pinkerton as seen on Modern Humorist.

Jungle Attack He-man. Somewhere between his royalty phase, his Samauri phase, and his outer space phase, He-man was battling Skeletor (I assume) in the jungles of, hopefully, planet earth.

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  1. Dear, did you mean “published”? I suppose you could punish them, but what the hell did they do to you? :)

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