New Stuff (Sit Tight 2)

Well, I still haven’t gotten around to writing the three or so posts that I’m mulling over. I’m still sick. I feel awful. I have to do a lot of stuff, too. Anyway – keep on keeping on, is what they say.

What’s new? There is a new poetry author. erin has submitted one poem entitled “An Unmuffeled Thank You”.

There are also a LOT of new artwork up. I’m proud to showcase, on images :

Absolute Zero : these are drawings I made for TShirts that never came to be. This was during the boyband craze, and some friends and I contemplated forming our own band called “Absolute Zero.”

Brenna : made this sketch of Bryce’s name and I really like it and am submitting it sans permission.

Heather and Miles : this is the creative output of myself and Heather at one of our Thursday lunches together. We sure got a lot of weird looks after explaining the pictures.

Jaime : a picture that Jaime made in photoshop one day when she visited me in Zimm. She used the paint brush tool.

Jeff : a student ID that Jeff drew on a napkin. I scanned it and took out the fold in the napkin.

Lacey and Miles : on one of Lacey’s excursions to Madison, I drew some pictures and she colored them for me. These are they.

Logos : that I made way back when the site was Sepia. I never really integrated them into the design like I wanted to. Here they are.

Miles : all the other stuff I did on my own (and usually instead of taking notes).

Spider : these logos I made for the Center of Excellence’s end of year technology summit. They were not accepted, but, hell, I love them.


Unwin : this is a sort of alter-ego. These drawings were barely touched up at all, I just scanned and saved.

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3 Replies to “New Stuff (Sit Tight 2)”

  1. I’m glad I gave you the assist on that one, Bryciepoo.
    And Miles, I hereby grant permission for you to keep my artwork on your site, even though I realize nobody will really understand my vision.
    And if you’re really nice, I’ll send you one with YOUR name on it – uh-what-oh!

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