If either of them hadn’t been seething at the moment, they would have laughed. Neither of them could get home by walking the tracks. To tell the truth, if they had actually wanted to make it home that way, they would have to switch directions.

Neither looked back. Neither paused for consideration.

There was only the jarring, painful sound of their feet against the gravel that cushioned the space between the rails. Progress was difficult; it was not an easy path they took. The argument had almost completely disappated between them. She had had the last words.

‘Fine.Goodbye.’ Her tears, her emotions, wouldn’t allow a pause in between the periods. Her quavering voice slammed the words together before kicking them out into the summer evening air. Now that they walked, she was sure she recalled her voice still chanting.

They walked. They walked toward their sunsets, their ends. But, as he made farther and farther from her, he scrutinized her words harder and harder. He came to realize the truth behind them. This would be the last time they would see each other. This place that they walked in, this was more than a railroad track. It was the space between the periods. This was the space between ‘Fine.’ and ‘Goodbye.’ They stil had a chance.

At this, he smiled. Somewhere behind him, she smiled, too.

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