Minus Brad Pitt

This is an informative post because I am still sick, and right now I am extraordinarily tired, and I don’t feel much like writing. I do not, however, wish to alienate you, my audience.

There is a new addition to the Lazydesert community. It’s called “Snatch.” If you were thinking it has anything to do with the movie, you’re wrong. There is a marked absence of Brad Pitt on the site.

Jeff, or Lazydesert, explained it on his forum, converse.lazydesert.net.

The idea is simple, yet difficult to explain. So, awayken, please feel free to add to the description; maybe we can figure out an official description right here.

here’s the process
awayken and i will search the web for an interesting post made on a blog, journal, diary, etc. then we ask for permission to post it on snatch. we then link back to their post, their comments. if they don’t have comments, then the comments on the snatch site will be activated for that post. the title will like to their site, and I’ll add them to the links list on the left.

This is all VERY experimental.

the hopes is that this will create traffic for the author, give them a bit of exposure, maybe motivate them to be better writers if they know they have a bigger audience.

It makes Snatch into a (hopefully) fresh and exciting blog.

It is our duty to find interesting and varied entries to post. Other sites do it with links. We are doing content instead.

Hey – it may be your site that we snatch next.

I’d appreciate it if you guys would try to comment on the posted sites

Posting on the selected person’s site/post shows them that there is benefit to this. Give a little, take a lot.

We might never ask that person to borrow a post, but this is a way we can make connections other ways.

It’s kinda funny, though, that we’re briefing our “audience” on this. “Please go to the Readme section before reading this webpage.”

Check it out. There are two entries thus far : Dischordia @ blog-city.com, halogen rain drop @ deadjournal : but more soon to come.

If you haven’t, sign up for the forum. There are some great conversations going on there (some with myself involved). Best of all, signing up is free (unless you count ridicule).

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