School Dhaze

Baby, I’m sorry. You know I love you. Remember how I, uh, said I would write to you… and I didn’t? And remember how I – er – kinda gave you the cold shoulder… for a week and a half? I’m really sorry about that. To show you how much I love you, I wrote you a poem:

You are the best ever
I will love you forever
I need you like air
If you get hurt, I care
I didn’t ignore you on purpose
But a giant monster was going to slurp us
So I punched him in the face
And then we had to race
And I ran back to you
Because, Baby, I love you

The remedial english teacher says that’s the best poem I could have possibly written “whilst intoxicated.” Whatever that means. I totally wrote this poem drunk! What an idiot!

Ok, folks. Seriously, though. This is my schedule this year.

MT Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1000 Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish
1100 U. Physics II Programming Languages U. Physics II Programming Languages U. Physics II
1200 Programming Languages Programming Languages
1300 Math Modeling Math Modeling Math Modeling
1400 Numerical Analysis I Numerical Analysis I Physics Lab Numerical Analysis I
1500 Physics Lab
1600 Physics Lab
1700 Band / Computer Club Band
1800 Student Senate
1900 Drama Club

Times are given in Military Time because that’s the way I like it “sometimes”. I’m not for sure on the club meeting times. Senate got changed from last year, Band got mixed up, Drama club… well – Quinn is the president. We shall see how things all end up. I am still working out Tutoring scheduling. I have to meet with Terry Ryan about it yet. That will happen today sometime, I imagine.

Ok. Now, I’m going to go to class and when I come back I will dazzle you with the hilarity once can have one’s first day of classes for a new year.


This, ladies and germs, was a blast from the past. I took two years of Spanish in High School, so this may mostly be a refresher. The decorations, the language, brought back memories of Spanish in Mrs. Strege’s class.

Then I looked around the class. Sitting in my class was Kelly Torchia (tore-sha) and Amanda Sweeney, n�e Nowick. Both of these girls were in my high school at the same time I was and both of them were in classes with me. In fact, I think Kelly was even IN my Spanish class.

Too, weird. To add to the nostalgia, the grading scale that Lynn uses is identical to the one that Milbank High School used. It’s the one where you need a 93 to get an ‘A’. The first day was easy enough. Homework is going to kill me, though. For tomorrow I have to learn how to trill my ‘r’. How the hell am I going to do that?? Maybe if I can trill a ‘q’ instead, she’ll let me off.


Same room as last year and largely the same people. A new addition to the class was a guy we call Mel. Mel was in one of my classes before and is a part of the larger cliche that I semi-belong to. So, I know Mel. I know that he was in my Calc II class for about a month before he dropped out of it. So, I thought, this should be interesting.

Indra passes out some literature. The class was fairly boring except for the things that Indra says. From time to time, he’s hilarious without knowing why. Some of the things he said today were definately gems. Last year we had a box that we put money into. I’m not actually sure where the money went to at all. This year, however, there is no money box. There is a “suggestion box.” If you want to gripe about Physics or Indra or DSU or America or God or anything, you can put it in the box and don’t sign your name. If you want to tell Indra what a good teacher he is, sign your name.

His joke for the day was, “NASA. You know what those letters stand for?” One student answers with “National Aeronautic Space Adminitration” but is told this is wrong. The answer is, “Needs Another Seven Astronauts”. There were only groans and murmurrs.

He said that we will have a pizza party at the end of the year. We had one last year (that is also when we got awards) but I think we had to pay for it. This year it will be all on him, but we will have to help him out. It will be at a different “venue” than the Physics room. It looks as though it might not pan out as well we would like. It turns out it’s BYOB. Which means “Bring Your Own Pi-zza…”

Math Modeling

Math Modeling is a scary class because there is no assigned reading. The reason for this is because it’s an expensive book, his notes are really what the evalutations are over, and the book is out of print. Oh God. This is also with a professor who is notorious for being difficult.

Sitting in the same row as Jeff and I is Mel. Mel may well become a character on Awayken if he keeps his behavior up. Turns out that Math Modeling encompasses everything in the bloody world. So he was giving us examples of systems modeling problems. One of them is Old Faithful. He alluded to that commercial where they put that stuff in Old Faithful to keep it regular.

“What’s that stuff?” He said. There was silence. Then, a voice from my right says, “Metamucil.” Apparently Mel has some reason to remember that. I think everyone in the room turned and looked at him. Class ended (a bit past the amount of time) and we all left. Mel followed Jeff and I right into the next class.

Numerical Analysis

Final class for the day. This one is by Dr Avery. He doesn’t wait for the second day before he lectures. He waits for everyone to walk in, then he launches. He spent a great deal of time telling us that this isn’t an Analysis course. See, it says “analysis” but it means “methods”. Then he showed us what we should already know if this was an analysis class. None of us knew that. So, it’s a methods class. Then he started lecturing, telling us the things that he would show us if this was an analysis course (which it wasn’t) and then showing us anyway.

In this class, Mel made a large racket when he put his shoes up on a chair and they slid off and hit the ground instead. Is this kid a dork or just a bit clumsy? We shall see.

It’s hoping that tomorrow will be a good day, too. So far this one is rounding out. I have some homework to do (*sigh*) but I shant let it damper my mood. Listen to Jezza, if you know him, and now I have to go watch Carl win pizza for a year.

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  1. about damn time you dropped a post on us. I suppose you gotta tame the beast before you let it out of its cage.

  2. Sounds like a lot of math. Isn’t too much math bad for your health? Hopefully your spanish class will keep you sane. We can only hope.

  3. Mel is still at dsu? that f’in guy lived next to me in the dorms and played video games 24/7. i think he drops almost every class by the end of semester. good to hear he is still trying

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