A Comment on “God for Fun and Profit”

Woah. Ok. I now have some pretty heated comments on that last post, and I reckon a fight will start if I don’t say something.

The previous post was meant, in part, to be satire. Many people do not make a distinction between what is good to pray about and what is not good to pray about. When it comes to organized religion there are so many confusions from one person to another. Sometimes these confusions can create an all new religion. Sometimes they just make people fall for the tricks of those people who are in “religious power”.

I think it’s ridiculous some of the things that we are asked to pray for. A building project, a quilt project, a fundraiser. What? Pray for money, is what this says. If you pray to God then you will get money. Isn’t religion beyond money? You do need money to run a church, but you can have the same mass in an air conditioned, three story Church/Gym/Swimming Pool as you can under a tent, in the chilled wind, next to a lake.

Where is line drawn between necessity to spread the good word and greed for more space and more things? Who is it that draws that line? There are some prayers out there that are nothing short of propaganda, and that is a very dangerous line to cross. It’s the same sort of thing that made an entire nation back a Jew hater.

In a perfect world, only the most wise, sympathetic, pure of heart would be priests/pastors, bishops, cardinals, and popes. In a perfect world, the average believer would be able to speak intelligibly on their beliefs. There wouldn’t be confusion and dissention. Zelotism based on ignorance causes abortion center bombings and wars. It causes more confusion, more pain, and brings everyone further from the Truth.

Much to the contrary of what my parents may believe, this isn’t a bash against Catholicism. You guys take what I say too literally. At the bottom of the post it says “satire”, which is where you write something that sounds serious, but you mean it in a humourous manner which is meant to show the absurdity of the thing that you are, indeed, satirizing. I think organized prayer is a beautiful way for a body of people to talk to God. Too often, however, people don’t read what they are saying.

Prayer is a tool of worship, but it is a tool that is too often misused. That is all I was saying. As for ols’ comment, well, I have no control over him.

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12 Replies to “A Comment on “God for Fun and Profit””

  1. i’m going to hate myself for this, but i must defend ols. In one of the comments someone spoke of a t-shirt and Ols only took the most shocking tshirt from that very same tshirt company. he is not saying that he actually thinks abortions tickle, it is a shocking tshirt saying. thats all.

  2. thanks jeff and “john”, i dont even read the posts, i just make dumb comments. but at least they dont use sterile coat hangers anymore.

  3. I don’t think I’m going to be reading this site anymore. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t match your intellectual level to understand these amazing posts. I’m so naive that I’ll read an entire post, be offended from the stuff written, and miss the small print that says SATIRE. So I miss the fact that the post is suppose to be taken lightly, and I should be laughing about it. I’m just not that patient, observant, or intelligent to get it. And its hard to laugh after I get all worked up about an issue. I guess I’m just not sophisticated enough for you guys.

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