Guest Post (Want better food? go to SDSU)

by Bryce Rausch, my brother, who writes for the SMSU (formerly SSU) Spur. The link to his story is here.

I am a new student to Southwest Minnesota State University, but, being a transfer student from South Dakota State University, I am not new to cafeteria-style food.

At SDSU the cafeteria was similar to the way I am sure heaven is designed. There were six different restaurants to choose from: Chinese food, grilled food, homemade foods, Mexican food, a java city and an ice cream parlor. Needless to say, I didn’t transfer for the food. I know it doesn’t matter what college you go to, the food is going to make you think, “Is this edible?”, but it really isn’t good here at SMSU. When I transferred here, I heard repeated warnings to watch out for the food by people I knew going in. I took their warnings too lightly.

First off, the lunch room is so small that it feels like a replica. Doll houses have more room than this. Have you ever eaten around noon? It gets packed tighter than a college student’s budget. So you have to wait and wait and what is your reward for waiting? Ribs burned to a crisp, hard mayonnaise for your sandwich and wilted lettuce. Can life get better? Well, only if you go to State Street Cafe. Please take that sentence with a school lunch helping of sarcasm.

They messed up my order. Last week I thought I ordered a pizza – but I must have said “pie crust soaked with grease” instead. I did not even see that on the menu; I must have been the lucky customer. I am not saying it’s the cook’s fault, I just get the feeling that all the students here are the proverbial red-headed stepchildren and SMSU is our parent. We don’t get all the care and love we deserve.

There is hope for the younger students here at SMSU – the new Student Center. After the old one was burned down they quit letting people go there and eat, who knows why? But rumor has it that the next Student Center will have two stories of Student Center goodness and almost one entire floor is to be dedicated to food. Things are looking up, but dinner isn’t going to taste any better thinking about the future. If it weren’t for the smiles and ice cream bars, great pizza and cereal I’d eat there less than everyday.

I’m a sucker for a pretty smile.

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