Oh My Spline

I’m writing this in Math class. Oh, but which one? Numerical Methods. So much math…

What is Numerical Methods? It is a class that illustrates and studies ways to solve things. Ok. You know your calculator? You know how you hit “cos(40)” and it gives you a number? Well, how did the calculator know what to give you? It uses Numerical Methods. Numerical Methods is all about finding the best mimic to whatever function you want to solve. What function can you make up that looks nothing like the real function but will give you a really close number?

There are so many different ways to do this. You learn one way. Then you learn an easier way to do it. Then you learn a better way. Then you learn an easier way to do that…. This goes on and on until class ends, or you shoot yourself. What bugs me about this class is that everything we are learning to do by hand can be done much more easily on computer or calculator (which is a type of computer, I guess).

The point is, this is old news. It’s like learning how to make babies when all you want to do is adopt. Adopting is less painful, and it gives a needy child a loving home. If you would like more information on adopting your own child, please click here.

I hate when Avery says, “And that’s it.” Then he lifts his arms and drops them at his side, and, lord knows, I have no idea what he just said. There’s different ideas, notations, variables, subs, i’s, n’s, x’s. Enough to drive a man insane.

I’m tired today. Math Modeling hates me. I think I’ve found a class that is my match. I’ve gone so long and so far without really feeling stupid. I have, with some degree of success, been able to master math class after math class. Modeling, however, is a nemesis to behold. There is something about it that I just don’t get. I feel so lost. There is no book, so I only have my notes. Maybe that’s it. Or maybe my math luck has finally run out. Or maybe I just don’t pay enough attention. Or maybe this stuff is hard and it’s not my fault. Or maybe it’s Megan’s fault. but its not

Avery, “Well, let’s do one.” YOU do one. I couldn’t care less what happens when you figure out a Cubic Spline Interpolation. We have 8 equations, 6 conditions and 4 variables to figure out for this problem. And all he wants to do is connect some lines. It seems like a lot of work for a crappy art side-project.

I think back to Math Modeling. Palmer had us physically endure an exponentially growing population. He just keeps dividing the room in half. Pretty soon you couldn’t tell if we were snakes in mating season or really scared of the other guy in the room who was not in our class. I swear Justin Luitjens touched my ass.

Avery, “Don’t be surprised if this shows up on your take home final. But it probably won’t be in this nice format we found today.” Thank you. I was worried that I would never see my Spline again. Spline crunching action. Spline – more puns. Whatever.

megan is great. she is my favoritest person ever. It’s amazing the things that show up when you leave your computer unattended. Shocked face. I had a train of thought, and I have no idea what I was heading towards. This is how the dangers inherent in a website become exploited through nonchalant lethargy. I call it “rambling”, and that is what I’m doing right now. I’m totally avoiding being funny and just talking to you guys.

Because I can.

[ hugs ]/[ kisses ]

Author: Miles Rausch

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  1. Miles and I have had talks abotu his favoritiest person’s ever, and ols, you didn’t even make the top 30.

  2. way to vent your spline, dude. :D

    ps. where am I on the fave ppl list? I know I’m the #1 Brenna, but how do I measure up against mere mortals?

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