Ocean’s rhythm, like your breath,
make tired eyes close up with care
over all the grains that left
eternity for us to share.

Ocean’s scent, a salty spray,
graces vapours we inhale
over all the sands that lay
at, around, within our trail.

Ocean’s feel, lover’s hug,
naked as our bodies lie
over all the blankets snug,
making love while time walks by.

Ocean’s voice, your fluid tongue,
interprets feelings, thoughts, and motes
over all emotions wrung,
necessary tears we wrote.

Ocean’s all, our bless�d rest,
eternity for us the best.

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3 Replies to “Of MF”

  1. I get it, I get it. You are trying to tell us all that you are coming out of the closet. I feel for you. It can be a hard thing to do. Just know that i am behind you no mater what sex you like. I, I love you.

  2. “I am behind you..” oh my god Tony, I get it I get it. You’re coming out too.

    Man, being straight is getting less and less cool.

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